On role of ICT in teaching and learning

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Dr. Akshai Aggarwal , Vice-Chancellor , Gujarat Technological University

ICT is an important tool for teaching as it helps in
facilitating teaching and increases better understanding of the subjects for
the students. However, it is not a substitute for teaching. In our university
we have utilizing ICT technology to bring changes in our curriculum and also
make our teachers technology friendly. The government is also helping us by
providing 10 GB connectivity through National Knowledge Network and this will
further help the university to become more competitive.


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Yes I agree that the objectives and tecniques available under ICT of MHRD are very pertinent and should be implemented in present e age. However I feel MHRD could ahve taken effective and agrressive steps to popularise the same in knowledge world. Thanks

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Sir pleas send me this title "ROLE OF I.C.T. IN TEACHING & LEARNING ( IN HINDI VERSION ONLY) in my E - Mail ID.

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