On the role of ICT in improving Indian Higher Education system

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Prof. Piyush Trivedi, Vice Chancellor , RGPV, Madhya Pradesh

ICT has a very important role to play as far as bringing transparency and accountability in the system is concerned. The resource sharing facility which the national knowledge network is creating by providing 1 GB connectivity will make a huge difference. So, the technology is the only thing which will provide connectivity to the remotest of the area for the knowledge deprived community. It will provide equal access to all irrespective of place and time.   


You have to evolve a pool list of Academicians, experts, teachers, administrators, etc. (working and retired) who are willing to work without any remuneration for the betterment of higher education in our country.

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i agree with Prof. Trivedi. But, there is strong need to develop infrastructure in rural / remote area. Even some of the urban college do not have proper infrastructure.

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It's easy to make any comment to come into the public notice. Even in the age of IT, an e-mail query from most of the Govt. organizations remained unanswered for ever.

Yes! I definately agree to this comment.It will definately provideeqal access to especially remote area people where resources are not available.

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I endorse the the views of Prof. Piyoosh Trivedi. It is correct that the technology will take the knowledge to remote areas but before that we will have to see and do something so as to inculcate ability and capacity at the receiving end to use this technology. The remote areas must have infrastructure to receive the flow through technology. (Minimum is Power supply) The people at remote areas do not have computers and do not have ability to operate the technology.
So, as a first step we will have to go ourselves to remote areas to build capacity and provide infrastructure. then only technology can perform.

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