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On the need of semester system
Prof. N. Prabhakara Rao, Vice Chancellor, SV University

The semester system is a very proactive system as it engages both the faculty and the students throughout the year in academic activity. While,in the annual system once the student enters the college he feels free and thinks about studying only during the exam time. Semester system not only involves students more throughout the year but also reduces examination burden. The semester system is the need of hour and a very effective one.


Kumaun University
26 Nov 2014
03 Jul 2014
Jain Vishva Bharati Institute
13 Feb 2014


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yamem taying
13 Feb 2014

where are the informations ?even the teachers of the college does not know anything about this system .how come??? if the teachers could not provide proper informations then how would the students know how to study???

09 Sep 2012

scraping semester system is absolutely wrong decision. It is kind of step backward.....Again we are going to put the pressure on the soft brains of our children. It is only teachers who do not like semester system because they have to work hard in the semester system. Paying fees twice is the single excuse that these teachers are making a point in the favor of student.But the health of our children is more precious. We will have to put the step to reduce the burden on our student. here is an example, suppose one have to lift 100 kg. weight. it is easier to lift in two terms(like semester system) that is 50kg. in two term instead of 100kg. in one term. more easier. more brain development. Write a request to the govt. and related department to keep the semester system. Parents's should keep in mind that more stress in study is more killing the brain of your children. Brain development is most important. that is key of success

Md. Nazrul Islam Barbhuyan
21 Feb 2012

Excellent effort

Md. Nazrul Islam Barbhuyan
21 Feb 2012

Very fine. We should continuously update it

14 Oct 2011

Question : changing role of school libraries in view of the semester system

Books and Manuals
02 Jul 2011

I'm impressed. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.

Marks Web

Usha Devi K.S.
24 Jun 2011

I Strongly agree with Dr.Rao. I have direct persoanla experience of both systems as I began to teach students in 1983. The old system of annual exams was faulty and did not encourage scholarship. Despite the semester system having some faults, it is by far a better method of education till we innovate and get an even better system.

Dr V.K.Gupta
01 Apr 2011

Ref:On the need of semester system-Prof. Rao
I support the views of Pro Rao.Credit hours linked to the semester system and continuing comprehensive evatuation provide direction to learners and that ultimately develops confidence in them and learners find themseves equipped with desired abilities

J P Mandawra
31 Mar 2011

Dear Sirs,
Both the systems have their own advantages, like in semester sytem the course is divided in various parts and exam is taken for limited content of course, definitly this will help teachers to test the students better on the subject, at the same time the student once appeared in the exam will not look back to see the part covered already, in this way for students, it become very easy to prepare and give the exams, secondly due to autonomy of institutes students are asked that part only which is covered in class, rest is leaved aside neither the student care nor the professor, this degrades the quality of students, because there is no outside agency to evaluate the professors and students ability or performane, as professors sets paper according to their wish and keep their result best by asking that part only which they able to cover in the class. So here we need a change though the institutes may be given financial autonomy or can say administrative autonomy, but academic autonomy should be taken back, so that the test papers could be set and checked by some outside agency/ university/national university/common Board of exam it is done for many institutes affiliated to one university system, this will make our Professors alert and their performance to give will be judged by the performance of students in exam, also students will read extra to whatever taught in class as anything could be asked from syllabus whether covered in class or not covered, this will make students more competent.

Dr C R Patil
31 Mar 2011

Dear Sir
Thanks for opening this subject for debate. Please consider the duration of each semester. If you take into account the sessional exams, semester exams (both theory and practical), the exam itself takes away more than a month frm the time allotted for teaching. Burden of staff is increased because they have to attend exams in other Institutes and Universities as external examiners. About syllabus, what the syllabus setter do is to divide the annual syllabus into two halves. How this makes any sense?
OK. As far as technical courses are concerned, all of us can understand the retrospective data from other countries where the semester pattern has proved better? Is there any such study/ literature survey/ meta analysis of impact of semester pattern on the quality/ content/ useful ness of such pattern? If the deciding authorities have done such studies then let the AICTE put it on its website and let us teachers (who are responsible for welfare of students) decide which pattern is good.
Before taking such big decision of changing annual pattern to semester pattern, no one took opinions of the teachers throughout country? Mind well this will not take more that 2 months to conduct such a survey and have collective opinion of all the experts throughout country and then let us decide what is really good for us and why. Do not let few of representatives decide the future of whole generation. As per my knowledge none of the representatives ever conducted any such analysis on their own. Then how they are representing and what?
Please take countrywide survey and then decide whether semester pattern is good or bad. We are all scientifically and technologically developed to some to a decision after thorough thinking on this issue. Otherwise the so called representatives will impose their personal opinions on us (personal because they are not based on any study/ survey). Making teachers busy in taking exams twice a year instead of once makes no sense and this only happens in the semester pattern.
Please everyone concerned should opine on this matter and lets come to a correct decision acceptable to all.
I would like to see more replies on this comments.

Dr. Om Juneja
23 Feb 2011

Semester system has some prerequisites like willingness of the students and teachers to go beyond the prescribed syllabus by writing assignments, submitting projects and participation in seminars, discussions and making presentations. Most Indian universities do not provide such opportunities and therefore this system has become a different from of the annual examination system that encourages rote learning which has become redundant with digitization of information and knowledge.

Dr. Saraf. R. Ramesh
23 Feb 2011

Respected Sir
I agree with your opinion on semester system. As per my experience, I feel the following:
1) In the name of semester system, we are blocking the long term memory of the young. In this age of higher learning, the long term memory if sufficiently stimulated, will go a long way in their career and in their life. The students have developed the tendency of forgetting/not caring for the knowledge gained in previous semester due to a feeling of those papers are over and they need not recollect any more.
2) Many long term experiments that used to be carried out in the annual system of education had to be taken out of syllabus due to introduction of semester system, which prevents the students from getting themselves indulged in obtaining data and making an effort for the analysis of the data
3) Students do not develop the attitude of working in the lab beyond working hours
4) The tests and exams have become a kind of ritual; and with the kind of pattern of question papers etc., the writing abilities of students have come down
5) In semester system the project work and its evaluation are merely done for name sake
6) When you think about the kind of training that you had; that has enabled you to reach this high position in academics, you will definitely feel what this generation is missing

Dr.T.K.Chatterjee, Director of Distance Education, NBU
23 Feb 2011

Yes, but abuses are rampant in this method of delivery too. Classes are often held much below the teaching days ( 90) as per UGC stipulation. The syllabi are truncated to four parts enabling a section of students to focus on only the part relevant to a semester without caring about th comprehensive anf hoilstic nature of the curricula. Some Teachers also take advantage of teaching much less than that in annual mode, the assessment load is also reduced. There is no data to show that the semester system has increased the success rate in NET or SET because the scholarly abilities of the students have hardly improved. Of course I'm referring to the mediocre students who are often the majority in our institutions.