On improving the research scenario in India

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Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor , UPES, Dehradun

Research in Indian universities can only be improved with the help of industry. In India, the percentage of turnover that industries have allocated for research is very less, worldwide two percent of industry turnover goes to research development activities. The research in India is done mostly in government laboratories or government funded institutions that is not sustainable, this is one facet that needs to be addressed.  


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Forget whether it is supported by Govt or Industry where is recognition. Can any one say with confidence that there is list of prominent researchers of area X or Y. Even so mant times people working in same area do not who is doing better. Thus talking about research in India is just like citing a joke with our biased and well rehearsed and useless TV Channels. Most of the top University leaders and V.Cs are apponited not based on the true credentials but mostly they get such job by other means. Our industries are doing business based on the SOP that they get from their counterpart. First step that is required to bring a big challenge is to make them aware of IIT KGP'

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The point raised by Dr Diwan is justifiable, but why industry should fund research when there is no return on investment? Research in Indian Universities is derailed (i) due to lot of administration, (ii) too detailed focus on UG teaching, and (iii) attitude of top academicians who were little involved in research. The higher education regulatory body such as UGC or AICTE often give recommendation which are pro-teaching then promoting research.
In my opinion,
(a) we should create higher education institutions at three tier;
Tier 1: Research University- focus on higher academic and research like IISc Bangalore
Tier 2: Applied University- focus on UG-PG-PhD teaching, research, consulting and industry like IIT's
Tier 3: Institutions- focus on UG-PG teaching like colleges
(b) Since most of PG and PhD programs are non-sustainable for self financed universities, MHRD must subsidies these programs.
(c) Strong self-financed universities are asset to government sponsored universities, not competitor. Hon. HRD Minister Kapil Sibbal's efforts are appreciable but more clear vision is expected.
(d) Academic courses at tier-3 and tier-2 must have strong practical focus. The course structure should cater to the direct need need of government and industry.

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Dr. Parag diwan has raised a vital issue. The issue of 'Research and its application' must be re-addressed. In my position I am noticing that the topics of research are being repeated, there is hardly any way shown for application. It is all done to improvise the resume for future prospects. The passion is not seen.(Of course there are exceptions, but they are exceptional only)
The industry takes interest in such matters where there is no need to invest additionally. The way out in my opinion is that the various govt. or non-govt. agencies should make an exhaustive survey as to in what field, in what direction there is a need for research and invite scholars to take up those projects and the agencies should establish link between such research and the industry by inviting industries too. Other way round we can start with industries identifying their need and then invite the scientists for research on need-based topics.
CG council of Science & Technology has taken initiative in this direction.

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