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On improving quality of education in university system
Prof. N.S. Gajbhiye, Vice Chancellor, HSG University

The quality of education can be improved by recruiting well qualified and dedicated faculty. Teachers play a crucial role in motivating students and increasing their efficiency. Education standards also depend on infrastructure development all these things go hand in hand in improving education quality in university system. 


Kumaun University
26 Nov 2014
03 Jul 2014
Jain Vishva Bharati Institute
13 Feb 2014


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Dr. Onkar Singh
18 Oct 2011

I agree with the views of Prof. Rath. It is true with all regulatory bodies that there is a definite set of people who are mostly involved. The other side of it is that regulatory bodies say that we do not have people having experience for such activities so they have to finally depend on this set only.
This is not always the intention but it becomes compulsion to keep the ball rolling.

Hareshkumar Keharia
19 Aug 2011

Every body talks about qualityof education in the country, but how many really bother for it. By just appointing dedicated, meticulous teachers or admitting intelligent students will not influence the quality of education. To my opinion, in most of the cases, young faculties in their first appointment are dedicated. They initiate their career with lot of hopes, dreams, ambitions and ofcourse positivity. But our sluggish, irrationale, purely procedural administrative system, the frustrating egoistic behaviour of senior faculties, administrative heads, lack of infrastructure, ......all together are just enough to demoralize most of the new comers in education system within few months to few years. There are institutions with enthusiastic young faculties, but during their initial years, they struggle for their fundamental requirements, have to face humiliation by their seniors, which is a common rule of the day at most institutions.
In order to improve quality of education, Much needs to be done at the level of administration, teachers needs to be given higher level of autonomy and freedom, Voice of teacher needs to be given higher weight with respect to development of curriculum, requirement of infrastructure, etc. Vice-Chancellor should be made to follow a strict code of conduct and their activities, needs to be supervised with great attention by Chancellor and in case Vice-Chancellor is found to be mis-using his/her authority, should be severely dealt. The persons with criminal background or convicted for any sort of mal-practic e should not be appointed as senate member or syndicate member or should never be given any administrative responsibility. This is necessary for the system to be transparent, well disciplined and highly focused. There is lot more, but I cant keep writing and obviously everybody knows whats going on!!!!!!

Dr. Kondawar MS
18 Aug 2011

Yes, its certainly true but even we can work on developing such common platforms between the universities where the renowned and dedicated senior faculty can come together and interact. Not only this these faculty could guide the young teachers and share their experiances too.
Such platforms are there but now it is the time that universitites should take active participation in holding such meets and should increase the frequency of meets.

Manju Agarwal
17 Aug 2011

I am in agreement of prof Binayak Rath views.

13 Aug 2011

What quality of teaching ???????? people talk about quality of teaching, dedication and commitment but almost all colleges and universities adopt contractual lecturers and their services are utilized for academic session only, they are not paid during summer vacation. hence he will treat this assignment as diving board only, there is no garente that he will continue for the next academic year

Satpal Singh Bisht
12 Aug 2011

The higher education in India needs to be free from the babus, It’s difficult for them to understand how an institution of higher studies and learning works and should be allowed to work. We are blessed with hundreds of great retired scientist, educationist, teachers and technocrats but we hardly take any initiative to call them for the advisory or consultancy. The councils and UGC decides many points with out a good home work and ground realities, Most of the funding agencies restrict their funds to Govt institutions. I am of the opinion that in education it should be the merit of the college, person and area operation not that the institution is is a private, govt, semi govt or else. We need solution based applied research free from the government control. Academic councils should break their walls and shells and allow varied kind of people to enter in to the main system. We are just restricting life science people to in their cage, Physical, chemical etc in their own boxes and cages we never allow them to work together for example if I am good in teaching environmental science having Masters degree in life science should be allowed by the all council in spite of asking me the degree or certificate from the respective council a type of degree should not be the only parameter of assessment, it should be knowledge too. Many bogus rules which are making the education system fractured need to removed or changed therefore it is high time to work in team and group for the productive research. Education of higher learning should be made accountable to academicians not the secretaries’ administrators. My self working at a one very remote area institution and trying to impart quality education to the students who have completed their Bachelors degree in science with out holding a test tube or pH meter, my love and commitment to education gave me fruitful results in the form of good performance by my unprivileged class of students in NET, GATE and few good publications and finally there placements. The international representations by my students in many conferences made me happy. My source of Inspiration is Prof.Yashpal and G.Madhwan Nair in academics and my dream is to invite one day or other you all great academic celebrities to my place of work to share my opinion and your advices I appreciate the efforts of India education review.
Dr.Satpal Singh Bisht

Dr. Ajay Somkuwar
12 Aug 2011

I agree with the idea of Prof. N.S. Gajbhiye that the the quality of education can be improved by recruiting well qualified and dedicated faculty.The recruitment of well qualified faculty depends not only on the quality of selection, but also selection of person with integrity and morality. The quality of faculty depends on research activities in the colleges and Universities, there is a need to improve the infrastructure facilities of those institutions as well as making them suitable for social welfare.

Dr. Ajay Somkuwar
MANIT Bhopal

Prof. N.K.Jain
12 Aug 2011

The observations of Dr Binayak Rath are alarming. It may be appropriate that MHRD or UGC may open a national debate on the issue of quality of teachers and review the existing system of recruitment of teachers and appointment of Vice Chancellors both in Central as well as State universities.

Dr Binayak Rath
11 Aug 2011

I fully subscribe to the idea of Prof. N.S. Gajbhiye that the the quality of education can be improved by recruiting well qualified and dedicated faculty. However, I would like to share some my concerns and also want to add few more points for improving education in our country:
a) The recruitment of well qualified faculty depends on the quality of selection, i,e., on the standards (in terms on integrity and morality ) of the members of the recruitment committee. More specifically, on the standard/ quality of the Chairman of the Committees at the University level as well as at the Government or at the management levels. The members should be capable of overcoming the socio-political pressures in recruiting good faculty.
b) My recent experience as Vice Chancellor of one of the Universities in Odisha, viz., Utkal University shows that unless people with high integrity and morality are appionted as Vice Chancellors, the recritment can not be of high standard. In this regard, the UGC should play a proactive role.
c) The UGC is nominating its representative for selection of VCs, whose integrity are doubtful and questionable. I have noted that that there are a set of people who hang around UGC office to be nominated to such search committees with some vested interests and to manipulate the system.
d) Let there be a review of those people who are nominted during the last few years for varrious committees and their credibility to be examned. Some of them use different tactics to be members of various sub-committees of UGC too.
e) Hence, I urge upon the Chairman of UGC that if we want to recriuit well qualified faculty, we should first of all nominate good people to the search committees of VCs, who in turn can play a lead role in selecting well qualified persons to the post of VCs because they are going to steer the stndard of higher education of the country in future.
Furthermore, as the quality of faculty depends on research activities in the colleges and Universities, there is a need to improve the infrastructure facilities of those institutions, particularly, in the traditional state Universities. This calls for more liberal funds flow to those Universities.
Binayak Rath
Former Vice Chancellor,
Utkal University, Odisha