VC Desk

Jun 14, 2016    0

Prof. Prafulla Kumar Mishra

Vice Chancellor

North Orissa University

Accreditation is a misnomer, a college or a university that is located in the dense forest or highly backward area should not be judged on the same parameters with which they judge a university...
Feb 29, 2016    0

Dr. RAJ Singh, Vice Chancellor, GD Goenka University

Union Budget 2016 is pragmatic with the right focus on rural development, infrastructure and education. FM Arun Jaitley has announced various measures to provide impetus to quality and access to...
Nov 26, 2014    0

Prof. H. S. Dhami , Vice Chancellor , Kumaun University

The great Himalayas are much more than the habitat for the population thriving on these mighty mountains with extreme environmental conditions, known as the land of gods, goddesses and point of...
Jul 03, 2014    24

Prof. K. Lal Kishore, Vice-Chancellor , JNTU-A

The major problem being faced by state universities
is related to too much of political interference and academicians are leaving
the classes and running other things. Academic merit should be given...
Feb 13, 2014    113

Samani Charitra Prajna, Vice Chancellor , Jain Vishva Bharati Institute

Not all the universities can do
collaborations with the industries like non technical universities and
universities like us which are different from technical courses, we are running
Jan 18, 2014    114

Prof K Lal Kishore, Vice Chancellor , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur

Accreditation is important for the
Indian universities to come up at the international level and all the courses
being offered by various institutions should be at par with the best across the
Nov 07, 2013    179

Samani Charitra Prajna, Vice Chancellor , Jain Vishva Bharati Institute

Students should have the flexibility of choosing courses
rather than just sticking to one course for three years. As per my experience of
travelling to different parts of the world in past two...
Oct 25, 2013    73

Prof R C Sobti, Vice Chancellor , Bhimrao Ambedkar University, former VC Panjab University

Accreditation has
become necessary for the all the universities to get the funding, but will NAAC
(National Accreditation and Assessment Council) be able to do that, is the big
questions. NAAC has...
Oct 01, 2013    185

Prof P K Banik, Vice Chancellor , Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Industry has its own objective and education system has its
own. Education means enlightenment but if someone is just able to write a
sentence it does not mean that he is enlightened, it means one...
Sep 06, 2013    11

Prof K L Sharma, Vice Chancellor , Jaipur National University

Numbers of Nobel laureates, number of foreign students,
teacher student ratio are the criterions on which universities are ranked in
world university rankings by international agencies.  If...