UGC norms flouted for guest faculty by Panjab University

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Panjab University has
flouted the University Grant Commission (UGC) norms while appointing guest lecturers.
The university has large number of guest faculty in different departments much
more than the numbers prescribed under the rules. The strength of guest
lecturers is around 50 per cent in many departments as oppose to 10 per cent of
the total faculty prescribed by UGC. 

According to the norms,
the guest faculty can be engaged only against sanctioned posts and shall be
paid Rs 1,000 per lecture up to a maximum of Rs 25,000 per month, excluding
conveyance charges.

The department of
evening studies has appointed as many as 23 guest teachers compared to 25
regular ones while the institute of legal studies (UILS) has a total of 20
guest faculty members along with 21 regular teachers.

Similarly, the
department law has strength of 33 teachers out of which 16 are not on rolls of
the university.

Department of chemistry
where sanctioned faculty positions are 47, around 15 regular teachers are left
to run the department. Institute of chemical engineering has only 20 teachers
against the sanctioned 44 teaching posts.

The Department of
Zoology is virtually left with about half-a-dozen faculty members against the
sanctioned 14 posts.

Speaking on the trend, a
faculty member said “The guest faculty members are aware that they are a
stop-gap arrangement and hence the dedication is missing. At the end of the
day, the students are the ones who are most affected,"

When contacted, dean
university instruction Prof Bhupinder Singh Brar said that under the current
circumstances it was very difficult to meet UGC norms.

[Source: Hindustan


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It is good that University of Punjab has shouldered the responsibility to provide at least Visiting Faculty, for teaching learning process. Everybody is aware that there is faculty crunch everywhere. This is also because of the policy of the UGC. Hence, it is not correct to blame UoPunjab. This should be confirmed, before hand, that the University has not taken sufficient pains and efforts to appoint the required faculty. In such case this can be the violation of UGC norms. The pity of the so called autonomous status of the Universities is that they are not really autonomous. -Dr. S. M. Kulkarni

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Some times there is real dirth of the required faculty to teach. But may a times it becomes the easiest tools of the VCs or other interested (backed by power to appoint) officials of a university to make mockery of the so called autonomy. The Punjab University is not the only university where UGC rules are flouted. We have out own univeristy Assam university (a central university), where the present VC prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee would stand tall in the field of mockery and irregularity in appointments and also appointing guest lecturer, (in our case : Teaching Assistants) with salary ranging from 25000 to 40000 showing big thumb to the UGC regulations. Even for the last few years the appointments have been made in complete violation of UGC regulations. In his era IRREGULARITY is the regular thing. And even after completion of his tenure as VC he has not handed over the charge as per MHRD directions rather clinging to power. GOD HELP US!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

the situation in Vikram university ujjain is also same not in term of number of faculty but also remuneration they paid is Rs 155 per lecture only and have a limit of 4 lecture a day. Isn't very motivating fact for UGC and Ministry of Higher Education Of India ...

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