UGC, MHRD to push central universities for accreditation

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In an initiative that could set example for others, the University Grants Commission and Human Resource and Development Ministry will try and urge central universities like Delhi University,
Jawaharlal Nehru University to go for accreditation. The message will be communicated at the conference of
vice-chancellors of central universities (CUs) scheduled on June22, 2012.

As per the agenda note for the conference, the ministry
along with UGC will specifically push eight
central universities - namely Aligarh Muslim University, Delhi University,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Mizoram University, Visva-
Bharati, Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya and Babasaheb
Bhimrao Ambedkar university - as they have never gone for accreditation before.

Accreditation is a process under which an institute is
evaluated on curricular aspects, teaching- learning and evaluation, research,
infrastructure, student support, governance, leadership, management and

Presently, National Assessment and Accreditation Council
(NAAC) is authorized to assess all colleges and universities recognized by UGC.

The accreditation Bill aims to change that but it has been
stuck in the Parliament for almost two years now. 'So till that happens, we
want that at least our central universities to lead by example and get
themselves accredited,' a senior ministry official said.

According to the agenda note of the conference, out of the
39 central universities, 13 are newly established. Of the remaining 26
institutions, 16 universities have been accredited by NAAC, but the validity of
the accreditation of nine institutions has expired by now.

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Yes, Prof. Tareen is very right. I agree with his observations and know about several such instances. I think it should be done subject-wise only, and that too through a tool og high integrity/reliability.

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The credibility and consistency of accreditation by NAAC is loosing ground because of lack of innovation, poor functioning and inconsistency in the marking.
Many of the private universities charged with poor standards get A grade. Pondicherry university which got praises from all quarters as most modern,sought after university with 50000 applications for admissions, with students from 32 stats,faculty from 22 states ,state of the art research facilities , remotely accessed library,100% Wi Fi campus and 100% power back up,350 research projects at a funding of 100 crores,citation index of 6.4 and H index of 38, and a host of innovative programs, score less than Algappa university. When the university applies for review,the Director Dr Ranganath does not even reply. MHRD should first put the NAAC in order to gain back the confidence of universities in the NAAC.

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These bodies only provide their so called certificates once their collectors have received equivalent of 'haftas' from the private collages and universities and are good for nothing. One hears that even the commission on library book purchases of government universities goes up to the secretariats. What accreditation but NAASH (destruction) do you expect from NAAS!
UGC has led to the deterioration almost all universities by killing the science programs by keeping them at 19-th century level, encouraging dadagiri in arts and law and in having never thought of integrating engineering and technology in their ambiance. Almost all medical colleges have got separated from these while to day is the time for the grand integration. These institutions are surviving nowadays only by starting the so called management and other market oriented certification courses.
Why can't they leave educational institutions to generate their own reputations which would be used by students and parents to take admission in them or not, as is happening in a number of engineering colleges in U.P.

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What does it mean? Accreditation of the top universities of India by NAAC, is this a new move whereby our accreditation will be audited by US as per the new bill on the anvil? What is the agenda/game plan ?
Renuka Gupta

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What about the special institutes e.g., NID, NIFT, FDDI etc. ? These are full fledged degree awarding institutes set up by different ministries. Some don't follow even the simple guidelines wrt higher education governance, e.g., refund of fee etc. Interstingly, most of these institutes and their centres are headed by serving bureaucrats who don't have any professional or academic background in the relevant disciplines. Why these government institutes are not required to follow MHRD/UGC guidelines?

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