UGC to increase GER, open new universities in 12th Five Year Plan
26 Apr 2011

The University Grants Commission is clearly focused on improving the state of higher education in the 12th Five Year Plan starting April 1, 2012.The main focus of the commission is to escalate the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) and open new universities.

"We are ensuring increased participation rates by girls, students from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes, minority communities and Physically Handicapped. UGC did not want a repeat of the 11th Plan, where they lost two years only trying to prepare the plan. The UGC was well on course for the 12th Plan,” said UGC Chairman, Ved Prakash.

On GER and the role of the UGC, he said the implementation could be enhanced by different "permutations and combinations".

"We have to increase the intake of universities and will have to give additional financial assistance," he said and added that they would also have to look around for profit areas and where there are inadequate higher education institutions.

"In such places, we have to set up new institutions," he said and added, "The Government of India has proposed to set up 1,543 public institutions which is unprecedented." He said that there should be a "harmonious coexistence" between public and private players. While poining out that  there were many quality educational institutions that were set up by private bodies, Prof Prakash said, "We have to take people who are affluent on board and be motivated for the greater good of the country."

Talking about various upcoming bills in the education sector, Prakash said that UGC has constituted five committees that will review existing schemes and programmes and identify the constraints. It will then come up with new programmes that can be integrated into the new Five Year Plan.

"There are four new Bills - the Foreign Universities Bill, Unfair Practices Bill, National Regulatory Authority and Accreditation Bill and the Education Tribunal Bill - in the Parliament," he said.

[Source: Express Buzz]


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Dr. Ahmad
22 Aug 2011

Teachers appointed in Academic staff colleges always wait for next plan as there term continuation is totally dependent on five year plan. Is there anything regarding Staff recruited in Academic Staff Colleges, as it is always a matter of discussion. Why teachers appointed in ASCs are term based, why not regular one as other in univertiies. Please through some light on the issue.