UGC checks 53 private universities, finds only five 'in order'
14 Dec 2012

Union Minister for Human Resource Development MM Pallam Raju has said that out of 53 private universities inspected by the University Grants Commission (UGC) only five had been found to be in order. Out of the total 145 private universities, only 53 had been inspected, the minister said while replying to supplementaries during question hour in the Rajya Sabha.

"Fifty-three universities of the total 145 were inspected to see how many were following UGC norms... five of these were found in order, and came clear. Once we get some complaint, we inspect the university. We give them some time to rectify, but if even after that they do not follow regulations, they are asked to close," Raju said.

The minister added that the UGC, which looks after all non-technical education, had no power to shut down private universities. The UGC can only direct them to close courses against which complaints have been received, he explained.

Speaking about the two pending bills in parliament, Educational Tribunal Bill and National Accreditation Regulatory Authority (NARA) for Higher Educational Institutions Bill, he said if these bills are passed ‘it would help in further regulating private universities.’

"I take this opportunity to urge the members to pass the bill for setting up an education tribunal and another one for an accreditation authority," Raju said.

He also accepted that there were weaknesses in the UGC and the government was trying to strengthen it.

By IER Staff


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07 Mar 2014

kya sir shiridhar university fake h. hai to ab hum kya kare

gursewak singh
21 Feb 2014

Niilm university ugc approval hai ja nhi plzz give me answer

Amaranth pandey
09 Feb 2014

Hello sir/Madam
I have study distance learning programs with above univercity I want to know full information abt in him that us rgtd with UTC or not....becoz I have fully confused with this university plz give me suuges
Amarnath pandey

02 Feb 2014

My experince in Shridhar University Pilani was bad, totally fake university .....just google shridhar university fake, no system,waste of money,time,chose other options , where education is good, no job if you study in Shridhar University

Rahul Mishra
30 Nov 2013

wantto know about chandigarh university

rounak agrawal
29 Nov 2013

namaste sir!!!! sir can you tell me about best univ about but sir mene na hi aieee and iit ka exam diya hai...............................and actully 12th repeat kar raha hoon..............last year maira 65% raha aur es year 70 to 75 hi ja sir please tell me

22 Nov 2013

dear sir mai jodhpur national pvt university mmc course karana chahata hu distance mode se karana chahta hu kya
ar sakata hu.


05 Nov 2013

sir please kindly .i want to know that LL.M from CMJ university is certified or fake.please amswer

03 Oct 2013

shridhar university ugc or aicte approved yes or no pls give me answer

14 Sep 2013

Dear sir/madam Is Sai Nath university in ranchi is aproved by UGC . Plz give me full information about that. Thanking u.

salam miah
25 Aug 2013

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A longtime member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the 30-story luxury Las Vegas hotel features lavish rooms, all designed with Italian marble floors and furnishings.

suhas.v. patel
11 Jul 2013

Many universities like CMJ,Shridhar,EIILM,ManavBharti,St Peters,Prist University,Vinayak Mission University are just to name a few....they just sell degrees to students through various study centres...This is common case is almost every town and cities. My question is how can the government keep quiet even after the centres publish advertisements offering to give every possible degrees from such universities within 3-6 months with backdate admission. This process is called ONE-SITTING DEGREE..Is this what our govt working? Very disgusting matter...

05 Jul 2013


Here i am discussing about NIILM University as per my review its total worst becuase they started NSB School of business school in new delhi ( Director richa sechdev) In 2008 they taken more than 800 students each student fees was 4 lakh 60 thousand.

Really they sucked all student i am one of them. now they closed NSB and started NIILM.

I am saying they doing business with Education and suking poor peoples ( 80% peoples now payment bank installment becuase they not reconizged with any UGC )

So be aware before go for admission you can check video on youtube NSB Strike videos


jakir hussain ahmed
31 May 2013

Dear sir/madam,
I want know NIILM university certificates 4 phd are genuine or fake (is it valid)?
I am a registered PhD scholar with private university in Haryana. I had followed all the terms and conditions for thesis submission. In this regard, I had published few articles (a minimum of 2 articles is required for thesis submission). In the final thesis, the work published in articles was included in my thesis, as the published articles are a part of my thesis work.

25 May 2013

Dear sir/madam,

I am a registered PhD scholar with private university in rajasthan. I had followed all the terms and conditions for thesis submission. In this regard, I had published few articles (a minimum of 2 articles is required for thesis submission). In the final thesis, the work published in articles was included in my thesis, as the published articles are a part of my thesis work.

But, in the plagiarism check the published work from my thesis was shown as plagiarism. The university authorities are not accepting the plagiarism from my thesis articles.

Its difficult to write two versions from a single research work, one for article publication and the other for thesis book.

I hope UGC will understand the problems faced by research scholars throughout india and give clear directive to the universities (if not given earlier), to not consider the plagiarism from the thesis articles in the final plagiarism.

Please save us. Are there any guidelines to handle this kind of situation.

shubham sharma
22 May 2013

sir m dowing on campus in manavbharti university
here i read some comment about manavbharti university
can you tell me that in future koi problem toh nahi hoge because before admission mein es university k bare m jayada nahi janta tha...

16 May 2013

Dear sir/madam,
i wont know CMJ university certificates are genuine or fake ?

14 May 2013

Dear All Respected,
Kindly let me know is it fine if I do my PhD in Management from Jodhpur National University.

Shri Paul Sharma
10 May 2013

Self proclaimed Delhi Boards websites are sale on degrees
Primary education is basic first requirement of every learner to get proper skills and knowledge. But in India now with the blessing of politician and bad corrupted bureaucracy it is not required to children study in primary school. It is gone are the days when children used to learn alphabetical, short stories, essay and write a application to get a leave from school.
All over India there are number of board has been opened. The aim of this system is to educate all without reading or writing. On the web site there are a number of boards that is providing degrees but these boards have not any proper records of any students except internet website. The director of such type boards print degrees and sale it to agents . In Delhi, a number of education boards are supply degrees all over India, such types of boards as a,,,,,,,,,, www.,, www.bhsedelhi.indn,, etc. internet has provided a great facilities to education Mafia to flourish their business without any interruption. No media, govt. or public bother to this malpractices and fleecing students. Education Mafia has killed the primary education as a result without reading or writing anybody can pass higher secondary within a hours to pay huge fees.
Daily there are advertisement in news papers do higher secondary/ matric class without passing eight class. Education Mafia has opened a number of fake boards all over India and their agents are working in every nook and corner of India to supply 10th and +2 degrees. It seems there is no education criteria of primary education if there are some norms, rules and regulation of the education it has been lying in the files. Bureaucracy and politician has ruined the basic education. Education Mafias are selling degrees and collecting millions of rupees, dividing shares among politician s and bureaucrats.
All these board are running in small places there is not a single school that is affiliated to these boards where teachers teach to students in daily classes. Pay fees to agent and get degree within the hours. Above said education board has very quick services and the owners of these boards live a luxurious life, enjoy in five stars hotel. It is a very lucrative business to sale basic education and earn millions of rupees with the help and connivance of corrupted politician and bureaucrats.
I think it has been very difficult rein it. There is not any government law to check this malpractice that has been stick with basic education in our country? Is there any education minister, CBI, MHRD, education department to investigate this education Mafia. Or we may think it is legalized in corrupted country where everything is on sale.
Shri Paul Sharma
Ludhiana, 094174 55666

31 Mar 2013

i want to do mphil course at meenakshi university.k.k.angar,chennai, is it approved by ucg? pls give me clear information.thanks a lot

28 Jan 2013

Please confirm me is this university approved or fake to ugc

Amit Sinha
05 Jan 2013

pl. let me know the validity of Ph.D(CS/IT) from AAI Deemed University, Allahabad for appointment as Asstt. Professor in AICTE approved Engineering Colleges ?

S K Das
01 Jan 2013

I fully agree with Mr Rabijit Dey. It's high time MHRD/ UGC must take suitable action , since private universities like CMJ, EIILM, Manav Bharati and deemed universities like Vinayaka Mission, St Peeters, Rajasthan vidyapeeth. etc. openly selling degrees, UG, PG , even PPG - research degrees.For example new private universities , Sai Nath university ( Ranchi), Swami Vivekenda University ( Sagar, MP) started enrolling for M.Phil / PhD programs through study centres across the country, when they do not have fully equipped campus or faculty members. Do MHRD/ UGC look in to such things............ Only making policies / regulations is not going to solve the problem.

Rabijit Dey
31 Dec 2012

Many universities like CMJ,EIILM,ManavBharti,St Peters,Prist University,Vinayak Mission University are just to name a few....they just sell degrees to students through various study centres...This is common case is almost every town and cities. My question is how can the government keep quiet even after the centres publish advertisements offering to give every possible degrees from such universities within 3-6 months with backdate admission. This process is called ONE-SITTING DEGREE..Is this what our govt working? Very disgusting matter...

C Rpatil
19 Dec 2012

Very nice, it appears that this is another trick of publicizing the names of Universities. Pay the minister to claim that five are in order (because each of these five will offer few crores as advertisement charges to the minister). Once, these universities are declared standard, they can take donations from students (first put in advertisement and then get back from the customers in manyfold returns).
The question comes how these uiversities were given sanction to start? Who allowed them to enroll students if there was no quality? Are UGC, AICTE and other regulatory bodies so dumb to let hundreds of institutes and universities to start without sufficient competency? Then what they are for. Better, the government should openly tell that anyone can start a technical/ nontechnical course and run it if students come to you. At least people will invest the money in developing their organizations rather than paying affiliation fees to these so called regulatory bodies.

Ashok Kumar
19 Dec 2012

I would request UGC to provide such reviews on the government universities, also.

Raghu Pradeep Nair
18 Dec 2012

Private Universities are the need of the hour. Private partnership in Education has a key role to play in nations development. If Private Universities are failing to deliver academic excellence in India, it is primarily because there is something terribly wrong with our regulatory system under UGC. Unlike the Central/State Universities which have UGC grants/aid, private universities need their own funds for survival. The provisions of UGC Act is a serious handicap for this and quite unrealistic. This is the reason why these private universities are flouting UGC norms and enrolling students and opening study centers beyond their territorial jurisdiction to source funds for their survival. Central, State and Private universities should be treated at par under law and equal growth opportunities should be given to private universities in India. At the moment this is not the case.

World over there are many private universities. In the U.S., many universities and colleges are private, operated as educational and research nonprofit organizations. About 20 percent of American college students attend private colleges. Some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. are private universities. Examples include Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, the University of Chicago, George Washington University and Stanford University. In contrast, accredited Central and State Universities in India are not even a match in academic standards to these private universities in USA. It is astonishing to note that our Central and State universities don't even figure in the list of top 250 universities in the world! So, I think blindly blaming the good system of private universities is not in the interest of higher education in India.

We have bad central and state universities also and in a country like India it is absolutely unbelievable that these universities are not flouting any UGC norms.

18 Dec 2012

Move to private universities is a good step. Even CMJ University and EIILM University are doing fine. They are following UGC guidelines for MP hill/PhD admissions. But, the problem is with "information providers". Some of them are providing wrong info and getting admissions and looting money from innocent people. One should check the university website or contact the Universities for appropriate information.

Susanta Pahari
18 Dec 2012

I completely agree with Prof. T.K. Raja. Name of the another player, real eatate promoter and developer are also in collusion with this ploy. Goverment is a silent spectator.

S K Das
18 Dec 2012

Private university like CMJ university and EIILM university are enrolling research students for M.Phil / PhD programs and operating through study centers almost in every town across the country. The enrolment is in thousands through national / regional news papers. MHRD / UGC may please intervene and take immediate steeps to stop these degree mills.

17 Dec 2012

It would be revealing and those 05 should credit. UGC should release their names.
UGC and AICTE should not be helpless! This only shows the lack of respective Govt's interest in the quality of interest !

Are we waiting for a Citizen's Forum to take the lead to expose and start a campaign against this corruption, to save our young generation from falling prey to the 'Looting Universities' ?

After putting my life-time for good quality education at Univ of Allahabad and Mn NIT at Allahabad, it is painful to see such perversion of higher education !

Dr. Satya Sheel

Dilip sharma
17 Dec 2012

Submit,To the University Grants Commission (UGC)
I,Dilip Sharma.hindu scheduled cast apply for sum contribution or job
vice-chancllor,i have submitted my prayer for process i'ts long terms
in your university commission, our provision is panding,prayer for releseprovisions
apply sum contribution from be-half of gov//fund.we are poor people suffering in low condtion kindly support.jai hind!!

17 Dec 2012

it is better to close the concept of private universities in the country. More so is the worst standards of autonomous institutions !

Prof T.K.Raja
17 Dec 2012

About two weeks back AICTE Official Mr. Hada revealed that 90 of Engineering colleges in the country have flouted the AICTE Norms. Now HRD Minister Mr. Pallam Raju has informed the Parliament that out 53 private universities inspected by the UGC committees only 5 have passed the test. It is clear now that the UGC and AICTE have lost their credibility as statutory bodies controlling the non-technical and technical education sectors respectively in the country. UGC is headed by a school teacher and AICTE by a mediocre. The officials in these two organisations are also derived from the officialdom of babus of average caliber. In spite of number of startling corruption charges against these officials MHRD has not taken any action. HRD Minister Pallam Raju should clearly spell out as to what he is going to do regarding the private universities flouting the UGC norms. It is well known that these private universities are selling the degrees for a price. There is no control mechanism with the UGC to check the course content taught in various degree programs by the private universities. Most of these are private deemed universities created by politicians and unscrupulous elements who have nothing to do with University/college education. There is already a case pending before the Honorable Supreme Court against 44 substandard deemed universities for the past three years. But the selling of degrees by these private universities continue unchecked with stay order from supreme court. No one knows when the final verdict will come. This is tantamount to denying justice to lakhs and lakhs of students who are receiving substandard degrees from private universities which are simply family fiefdoms. The Chancellors and Pro-Chancellors are all family members whose education qualifications ranges from polytechnic diploma to BA/BSc acquired through distance education by dubious means. These people only sign the degree certificates awarded by these private universities. Are they really statutory authorities recognised by UGC or MHRD? Mr. Pallam Raju, please act atleast now and do something to take over these universities by Government of India through an Ordinance and placing it in the 9th schedule of the Constitution (non-judiciable). This is the only solution Government can think of if it is genuinely interested in saving the poor people from the loot.