Sibal launches Faculty Recharge Programme’s website

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The Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal has
inaugurated a dynamic interactive web-portal dedicated to the ‘Faculty Recharge
.  FRP is an exclusive scheme to recruit faculty in science,
engineering and technology.

The web
portal has been so designed that all operations in the process of faculty
selection shall be conducted online beginning with receipt of application to
the stage of short listing of candidates. Final selection will be done through
personal interview of scholars living in India while applicants from overseas
could be interviewed through video conferencing.

The ‘Faculty Recharge Programme’  scheme was launched on the recommendations of
an Empowered Committee set up by MHRD/UGC under the Chairmanship of
Prof. M.M. Sharma, Former Director, ICT, Mumbai.

The objective of this scheme is to strengthen high quality
research in science related disciplines at internationally competitive levels
and promote innovative teaching in the universities through induction of fresh
talent at all levels of academic hierarchy in selected departments/centres.

Under faculty recharge programme, scholars will have to
undergo various selection rounds so that the best candidates with exceptional
creativity, zeal and commitment to research and teaching are appointed.

Through this programme, universities would be able to upgrade
and reinvigorate faculty resources in their science related departments. The
scheme will be open to Indian nationals living in India and abroad irrespective
of whether or not they are already in service. Initially the tenure of
appointment will be 5 years at the end of which it could be terminated,
extended or elevated to the next higher level following a peer group review.

Even though subsequent
evaluations will also be of five years cycle, faculty recharge positions can,
in principle, be carried through to superannuation. Each candidate will be
required to submit a research project which would be appropriately funded along
with a start up grant for setting up basic laboratory facilities, if selected
under the programme.



Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

good effort by govt. but it should expand its scope to include faculty of other disciplines like management. the govt should also do efforts to improve the quality of Ph.d. at present many universities are providing ph.d programme which is started now but the candidates get enrollement/registration from back date of 2009 which is the year of getting exemption from NET exam to qualify for lectureship. also many private candidates enrolled in these universities got paid dissertations or prepare their dissertations by paying to the guides. these practices should be curtailed if we realy want to improve the system.
Sibal ji must look into this.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

r echarging is good .What is more required is initating a monitoring of all ready appointed teachers,what out put are visible? many of them are found basking after being appointments?This shouldnot be allowed. A good researcher and teacher should also be encouraged by providing extra mural grants .
Soam Prakash

The proposal is excellent but is all set to fail. Most of the human resources of such outstanding academic merit and quality will not prefer positions which are tenured for 5 yrs. and renewable on 'peer group review' ( a dubious exercise most often than not ). Most of them will look towards substantive employment having good infrastructure, working conditions and, of course, post-retirement security. These distinguished scholars will explore joining IITs, IIMs, Central Universities, IISERs, NPLs, CSIR Labs etc. Our planners are obsessed with models doing well in USA and Europe forgetting that this is India having its unique challenges and settings.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It's a good thought/try. It is better to select all faculty member for the national institutes by this process. Local Directors recuit the faculty members not by quality but by connections. So if it could be maintained properly to select the high quality candidate and to give the chances of bright candidate will be helpful for developing the country.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It seems to me a big joke and nicely inaugrated by super jo---.
There is no dearth of idea makers in this country and millions are there to advocate such jokery. Pl.see the faculty members who made exceptional contributions by way of publications in all areas of science ,engg and management. Count the names of those faculty members who are exceptionally brilliant H-Index and G-Index. Make them first FNA and FNAE and give them a grant of say 20 lakhs and ask them to spent on hiring scholars and good students by any means and spent it on such noteworthy thinks.
Pl.form a group of such performers in all the discplines and among them entrust the responsibility of recuiting the young or old with unquestionable credentials fit for teaching and research.
Pl.stop tamasha of this sort.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Site is not opening ... when I call UGC , they told to wait n watch ... it may take time

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