SC terms new NET norms invalid, UGC withdraws
25 Dec 2012

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has withdrawn its decision to increase the cut-off marks for clearing NET (National Eligibility Test), following Supreme Court’s decision declaring the order invalid.  

The SC has issued an order after a petition was filed before it, challenging the NET qualifying norms declared by UGC after the result was announced. The SC in its judgment has said that the UGC’s decision was invalid, as it did not follow the exam policy in announcing the changes in cut-offs and that too in such a short period of time.

The recent judgment has come as a breather for thousands of candidates, who appeared for NET exams in June, 2012.  The UGC increased the cut off marks by 15 per cent for candidates to become eligible for lectureship; candidates came to know about it after the result was announced. 

As per the earlier UGC notification, candidates belonging to the General category had to score 40, 40, and 75 marks respectively to qualify in papers 1, 2 and 3. While for candidates belonging to OBC category had to score 35, 35, and 68 and for the SC/ST candidates 35, 35, and 60 was the qualifying marks. When the result of June, 2012 exam was announced, candidates getting above mentioned marks would have qualified, but, immediately after the announcement of result UGC came up with  new notification increasing the passing percentage of each category by 15 per cent.

After this, the student community approached SC and filed an affidavit against UGC for change in norms after the examination was conducted and result was announced.

“The SC decision is valid for all candidates who sat for the June, 2012 examination. The old cut-offs will be considered and new results will be announced,” informed an official of University of Pune that conducts the NET exam, reported Times of India

Previous Development: Confusion over revised NET qualifying norms; candidates ready to go court.


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Kamble Dhanaji
19 Nov 2014

I candidate for SC category. My Subject is Sociology. and roll No. 50050026. I got 54.86 % marks in June 2012 UGC Net exam, but i am not qualify. what is going on.

21 Sep 2013

UGC NET June 2012 Result / Court case Ka kya chal rha hai.

25 Aug 2013

ugc result ab tak aa jana chahya june 2012 kab tak wait karaingai

20 Jul 2013

i request UGC to do take a welfare measures for the students. this is really a injustice for the students by the UGC. The main objective of UGC was to qualify more number of students, by doing this type of pattern . but it was not so. the result was quit opposite. so please take the earlier norms into consideration .

manoj makawana
01 Jul 2013

i also eagerly waiting for result of june 2012 but no proper reply received form ugc office, bhai what should be the plan for future inform us. in Mumbai we can't get any information

khagen Newar
24 Jun 2013

No, I disagreed with the comment of Jayanthi. Those who qualified all papers and secured minimum 50% aggregate in the UGC-NET, June-2012, they all must declared qualified and must provided certificate.

21 Jun 2013

nice jayanthi , i agree with you.

20 Jun 2013

Hai this is in reply to Mr.Ravi here. It is not that horrible as you discuss here. NET and revision of Ph.d norms all because of the quality problems in higher education today. This is the century where even many post graduates could not write a bio-data of their own. Previous NET pattern is far tough than the new pattern where there is no descriptive and negative marking. Thats why many those who cannot get through for past several years could get it done now. If the faculty and management in the total higher education system would be ethical then why such issues by UGC. UGC is trying to regulate the system which is becoming shameful recent days. We are in need of a revolution in order to upgrade our higher education system. I feel we shall give suggestions and participate for that rather than criticizing for years to come. The old pattern of NET should be followed and NET should be the compulsory criteria for recruitment also.

14 Jun 2013

june result kb aayega

20 May 2013


18 May 2013

Nagpur High Court Double Bentch gave the time to the UGC to declare the result in 8 weak, will come to end on 25th of June. And there is summer vacation in Supreme Court till 30th of June. So it is clear that UGC can't move to Supreme Court. Hence they have to declare result till 25 th of June. But we should make effort for declaring the result in first weak of June. We all are ready to protest the UGC in the DELHI OFFICE of UGC.

nilesh nishikant
04 May 2013

ab kya news hai result ayega ki nahi

Rahul Tiwary
27 Apr 2013

How I could find the copy of decision of Supreme Court of India also the link of result revised by UGC.

25 Apr 2013


23 Apr 2013

Arey koi mujhe ye batayega ki net qualified jo jrf overage ho chuke hen, Double se exam de sakte hen.?

22 Apr 2013

We don't know that what is going on in NET june 2012 but know that what we can do for net june 2013. GOOD LUCK.

ankur kad
19 Apr 2013

UGC do not want to lose its candidates those who fill their treasury every year. UGC has made it a profitable business to earn from the candidates.
InJustice is very normal in india in all the government departments, the hope is only judiciary which can correct it by dethroning them from their posts those who are not working properly.

vijayaraju B. P
11 Apr 2013

supreme court decission is good for all net candidates who scored minimum marks but when will the ugc aanounce revised result not even today they wont give any official written information regarding this, this type of attitude shown by the ugc amount to contempt of court.can we expect such type of attitude from the constituional body

10 Apr 2013

the criteria should be same for june 2012 and dec 2012 why there is a difference why the criteria has been made tuff in dec 2012
04 Apr 2013

How much percentage is required for OBC conducting net examination

rajedh kumar upadhyay
03 Apr 2013

sir, june net 2012 revised result kab aayega? s.c already ordered ,then how late
ugc kya kar rahi hai.plz reply me mob..8127120364

02 Apr 2013

First i thank for Kerala high court and Suprime Court for favourable to candidates who appeared 2012 june exam.. I too appeared in this june 2012 . I have secured Paper I- 58%, Paper II 62% Paper III 64%(61.71% aggregate). i belong to OBC category as i have not submitted my OBC certificate still now i have not got my result. But now i have given OBC certificate immediate after the result and whole documents. As whille entering online General i clicked by oversight made mistake. and Came directly to UGC office Delhi and Met them in person and explaining them . But UGC is Denying to give me result. I am approaching court individually now for help.. SC order is favourable to candidates like me... soon waiting for revised result from UGC.. Thank u...

27 Mar 2013


27 Mar 2013

plz koi bataega ki june 2012 ka result kab aega according to S.C ORDERS..unhone DEC2012 ka resukt tk declare kar diya hai but purana nai..

Dr saiyed urooj ahmed
26 Mar 2013

ugc net dec.12 ka result aa gaya doston aur me allah ke karam se qualify kar gaya.

maurya ashish
26 Mar 2013

Check UGC website. December result hs been declared.

vineet kumar pandey
22 Mar 2013

guys what is the reason behind this crisis?ugc hs taken a rght step.wht wil b the scenario if all above than 50 got net certificate..some worst teachers wil also get through this exam...finally a complete chaos in education...i cleared it n i knw hw tuff it is? of

21 Mar 2013

hie.. can any anyone tell me that diz new result which is to be publishon 25th march 2013 is apllicable for Chandigarh region as well?
as i secured 55.43% in aggregate in june 2012 filled from Panjab University..
mera clear hua hai exam ki nai? plzzz tell m really confused.....nd worried...

21 Mar 2013

I m Desperately waiting for result

waseem mian
20 Mar 2013

i don't know why ugc playing with our emosions
why ugc don't want to declared new rslt in our favour? SC has given its descison but ugc is not accepting.
now i am in trouble. 9997785896

20 Mar 2013

Waiting for Dec 2012 result, any reason for delay. when will be published???

Delowar Hussain
19 Mar 2013

I am a Research Scholar in the Dept of Education, NEHU, Shillong. I registered my Ph.D in 5th September 2008 and now I am going to submit my Thesis. Please inform me whether I will be exempted from doing course work or NET to apply for a job as Assistant professor in university or college. THANK YOU.

18 Mar 2013

BY 8273440688

18 Mar 2013

I had read in the "Ajit" newspaper on January 18;2013 that Supreme Court has ordered UGC to cancel the previous result of UGC Net held on June 2012 and to publish the new. But still the result has not been published. I am waiting for the result. Can anybody tell me when it will be published?

16 Mar 2013

comment by koushik ghosh is highly hypothetical since he should know that till now in any year in any format of net or any competitive exam nobody could have got 100%(350/350).it includes all exams ..still we believe that those passed are of dont equate quality with 100%.still i can tell one thing ,only a few got percentages in late sixties and 70s in this they can be considered to be of quality..we want that..

Kaushik Ghosh
15 Mar 2013

According to the latest informations posted on if the KHC verdict go against UGC then they'll move to Supreme Court . So , friends prepare for further fight against Ugc in honourable Supreme Court. I am with all of you who will wish to fight against the autocracy of Ugc . Wishing all of you a happy week end.

14 Mar 2013


dr Urooj
13 Mar 2013

Pyare doston ,
koi mujhe ye batayega ki june 12 ke result me kuchh log ugc ke criteria se kam aggregate ke bawjood bhi qualified ki list me jagah pa gaye.
Roll no. 18870323 ko 49.14% per hi qualify kr diYA. Is tarah ke aur log mil jayenge search karen to.aakhir aisa kyun ?

13 Mar 2013

death pritam I got 220/350 in eng lit . pl tell way is ur

Kaushik Ghosh
13 Mar 2013

Dear Mr Vinod,
Your thinking is wrong. If u yourself think that your view is correct then ugc should decide the cut-off as 350 out of 350. Then only[?] they'll able to chose the real quality / ... isn't it ?

pravin patil
13 Mar 2013

To Pritam
here is the cell..9823852176... marks 194/english bharosa hai ?

dr Urooj
11 Mar 2013

Dear maurya sahab
I hv just join u .wid d hope of a big gud news fr us. I scored 63.4% in june exam. But got no succeed.and in dec.2012 exam i also scored 64% .what will be d new procedure and criteria of result making.and what about me.

Kaushik Ghosh
11 Mar 2013

Respected Mr. Maurya ,
Please give us some informations regarding the cases against ugc in Honarable Supreme Court diferrent high courts of our country .
Some of us want to join the students fighting against the unjustice of UGC.
Please reply.

08 Mar 2013

But then it will cease to be a competitive exam since there will be lakhs clearing the exam ,that will comprise possibly more than half the aspirants .That itself shows the non utility of the "just pass cut off"criteria now approved.
And as far as the lack of clarity is concerned i must say that the earlier exam cut off can't be equated with the present exam format cut off since even with that "just PAss' cutoff only a small percent could achieve that just pass cutoff in earlier format and so that was justifiable .
As far as for "the june 12 exam's updated cut off is violative" allegation is concerned ,what i would like to add here as a person who continuously attempted the net for around 9 yrs ,is that earlier we never knew ,what cut offs determined the qualification mark at all.
So since we still religiously tried and tried ..My question is what abt our right to know at that time.and when I got the same (NET)through the upgraded cut of (65%) there comes a case and now the result stands completely dilutedby qualifying almost more than half who attempted,,is this the fault of those who cleared properly? now what will happen to your much vouched quality?
can anyone explain how still in a competitive exam which should assess high standards allow a high passing candidate percentage of possibly more than 50%......
i an wanting for explanation .i think there is need to look deeper and not so shallow,since if this is so, we who had not known how and what was the method of evaluation ,not know the answer keys and everything else earlier also were an aggrieved and discriminated lot..
what abt our rights then
i am a 42 yr old who passed net after long yrs of attempts .i feel highly faulted against by this decision to allow a "just pass" candidate to be qualified just bcause he went to court and all others who religiosly followed all these yrs and continued to attempt all these yrs feel aggrieved here...just bcause of some technical error now all rewally meritorious is equated to not at all meritorious
so what abt youer quality now
shame on you UGC


08 Mar 2013

@ Ashish Maurya..?? Hey can u tell me what information do u have on the result of UGC NET June 2012

07 Mar 2013

Wait Till 14th March...........Hope For Happy Endings..........8273440688

07 Mar 2013

Pravin Patil and V giv ur contact nos or call me on 9904840275

06 Mar 2013

I (General category) got 206 (around 58%) in DEC 2012 English Lit. Whats the analysis??

04 Mar 2013

Its regarding english lit dec 2012 net prediction - 1. Very less studnts qualified d subject & less r abov 190 marks
2. Calcutta studnts may change d scenario
3. But each category has 15%, so bright chances 2 clear
3. Open category cut off wil b less than obc category
4. Cut off may be
Open - 190 approx
Obc - 198 appr
Sc/st - 175 apprx

04 Mar 2013

I feel that if i get ugc net it's help me to get bright future but it's game me great confusion. every day iam eagerly searching for ugc net revised result, please announce as early as possible

02 Mar 2013

this is nt only the height of being irresponsible rather its the worst joke ever cracked with the indian students...this is the sheer example of self deception,the ugc hs nt only kept us hanging bt also growing us week psychologically

01 Mar 2013

UGC is telling that " plz call on 6 march" they dont tell that what is going on. 8273440688

01 Mar 2013

sir, as we know that suprim court has given desigion on ugc net june 2012.
i want to what is doing ugc,please issue our result. this is releated to our future. plz try to undrstand our fealings..............................

pravin patil
01 Mar 2013

i ve got 50 in p.1, 62 in p.2 and 82 in p. 32 English lit. open category, predict my result and i m sure ugc will surpise you

pravin patil
01 Mar 2013

this was strange blunder of its own kind. it seems either no sc verdict on the issue or either ugc is showing its arbitrary nature again,else why the delay?

28 Feb 2013

Share ur dec2012 marks in english literature here, i will predict d cutt off within 2 days

28 Feb 2013

we as students feel that the decision made by UGC is cruel as it ll leave many aspirants expecting the positive results for their effort will go waste. the top 15% idea is completely shattering the dreams and importantly the lives of many and many students especially from rural background. almost the decisions by the UGC are not welcomed by large group of students and faculties. if any scheme or plans that does not benefit the young educated generation... then for whom such plans are generated and why should it be implemented ?

28 Feb 2013

go to ugc website and look at the qualification critaria they still have the same critaria for 65% marks.

patchala rajesh
27 Feb 2013

tell me the cut off marks for scheduled caste people in ugc net

patchala rajesh
27 Feb 2013

tell me the cut off marks for scheduled caste people in ugc net

25 Feb 2013


25 Feb 2013

as per answer keys published by ugc i hav scored 62,60 and 80 ( paper III). My subject is marathi. code 38.Open category. How many chances I have to clear NET Exam?
My email ID :

22 Feb 2013

My score for UGCNET Dec-2012 exam as per UGC key is 204 ( 54 54 96) marks in English Lit. (open). Pls share ur predictions regarding d final cut off. Thanks.

22 Feb 2013

pleasegive me. new update matter of ugc net june 2012 supreme court order. MY NO.8273815907 FROM KANPUR

Shatrughna Patil
21 Feb 2013

What do UGC is trying to prove by appealing against The Kerala High Court. Beside this it should Issue certificates to the passed candidates and finish away this matter at all and look forward for the next exams.

21 Feb 2013


22 Jan 2013

Respected sir/s,
The following comments r 4 those who says those ve got 65% or more in UGC NET Exams are only eligible candidates for teaching purpose ?
I strongly opposed such candidates. There are many assistant professors, associate professor teaching in the Universities ve never even appeared in UGC NET exam. and those who ve got more than 65% have been taught by them. Second, many like Guru Nanak Ji, Swami Vivekanand etc. had never such certificates and degrees, do u think that u r more eligible than those?

Ok U may be. Than why r u afraiding from those who ve got less than 65% ? U will definitely beat them in interviews and other tests which will be conducted by the Universities for teaching purpose.

I am working in the system, hence, i know many of the teachers who cannot write even a simple joining letter ve been appointed as assistant professor just because they ve got the certificates. I know the candidates who are residents of Delhi and ve got all their education in Delhi but for NET Exam. they ve opted some selected universities other than Delhi University, why?

When UGC got pressures, declared almost 15000 more candidates eligible for UGC NET JUNE 2012 otherwise they were declared failed earlier. when they ve not appeared any other exam after declaring failed, how they ve been declared eligible for June 2012. This magic is possible only in UGC System. u r failed but when u actually passed likewise u r passed when u actually failed, just because the magic of UGC System.

What about those when were declared passed at 40% or 45% earlier than June 2012 ? Do u think they r more eligible than who ve got 53 or 55 or 57 percent marks in June 2012 ? What is the exact criteria, does anybody know ? Magic by UGC system.

22 Jan 2013

Do anybody has the answer of the following :
1. If one has got 65% and others has got little down i.e. may be 64.5% or 64% or even 55%, the person who has got 65% will difinitely have more knowledge of intelligency the others ? Is it not possible that he has got some marks for the answers which he got just filling some circles without knowing the correct answers because of not availability of negative marks. Do u think those person should be kept higher than those who ve got all marks, it may be 64% etc., by thier pure knowledge ?

vijayaraju B. P
20 Jan 2013

I am obc candidate. i got 64%, 52% and 52% in paper 1,2 and 3. Is it posible to pass net exam?

19 Jan 2013

i am obc candidate. i got 38%, 62% and 50.26% in Commerce paper 1,2 and 3. Is it posible to pass net exam?

Manesh G Jiandani
16 Jan 2013

can any one share me the citation please

15 Jan 2013

today i phoned 2 ugc, they said that we appealed against KHC , and final decision will come on 21 january

nilesh nishikant
15 Jan 2013

kya ye sahi news hai ki s.court ki koi dession bhi aayi hai?agar hai tho UGC kyu nahi result nikal rahi hai,?

11 Jan 2013

i am obc candidate. i got 54,40, 76 in paper 1,2 and 3. Is it posible to pass net exam?

04 Jan 2013

I have scored 64.57% in june net exam but still I am not in supplementary result, I don't know on what basis they declared the revised result

sachin tripathi
04 Jan 2013

this is a completely fake news. i beg your authority to please confirm the content before uploading such sensitive news. has any body confirmed whether such order was passed by the supreme court. my dear friends on 21st the supreme court was closed. it is a misleading news from pune university official and further misrepresented by times of India. please verify the news. thank you.

nilesh nishikant
03 Jan 2013

when the result will reannounced,its geeting too late when decssion has come than what is the problem?

nilesh nishikant
03 Jan 2013

when the result will reannounced,its geeting too late when decssion has come than what is the problem?

02 Jan 2013

UGC should have been heavily fined and penalized for making such an illogical criteria.

hemanta hazarika
01 Jan 2013

already UGC gone to SC against declaration of,what will happen..

Dinesh walia
01 Jan 2013

ugc has perfomed a very disappointing step
i m also suffered as i hav agg. 57% in june 12

Ananta Jyoti Boruah
31 Dec 2012

I'm a candidate belonging to OBC community..
I've scored 64 40 and 82 respectively in paper 1 2 and 3 in the said exam..
Will I be per the declaration made by the SC..

Ananta Jyoti Boruah
31 Dec 2012

It's a positive development..

Muneer Ahmad
29 Dec 2012

I am under the Qualifying criteria of UGC net June 2012 as i have got 64% in Paper 1, 46% in paper 2 and 54.67% in paper 3. but the norms had been changed by Ugc.
Can i be the net qualified for June 2012.

Dilip sharma
26 Dec 2012

Submit, To the University Grand Commission.
Our Relation Cross porpose.I have submitted my prayer in your council.
Apply for sum relief fund contribution we are poor people suffring in low condtion.also visit in your council in delhi for apply but no body recived me
Our request send sum rupe urgentluy for the relief,from be half of gov/fund.
Thanks for your corporate jai hind !!
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pin phone 09002317406.
your sincerly
dilip sharma.

Professor Venkata Raghotham
25 Dec 2012

This judgment will increase the number of NET qualified well beyonf sustainable levels.

Professor Venkata Raghotham
25 Dec 2012

Because of this judgement the number of eligible NET qualified candidates will increase many times.

Dr.yogesh Sharma
25 Dec 2012

Now it seems UGC has no proper understanding about the complex things related with higher education and NET. Its confusing stands have made mockery of NET. NET should be a MUST for lectureship as Ph.D., degrees are distributed like a newspaper hawker distributing newspapers. First UGC must clears all the issues about NET and then issue guidelines. Working of UGC will demoralize the learners and that day is not far when UGC will lose its total credibility.