Retirement age of university teachers in Jharkhand increased from 62 to 65 years
14 Jan 2011

The Jharkhand High Court has increased the retirement age of university teachers from 62 to 65 years on the lines of a resolution adopted by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The decision has brought to the teachers who retired recently.


Justice R R Prasad passed the order on a writ petition filed by retired university teachers Ichha Purak, Neena Narendra Kaur, Radha Kumari Sahu and 26 others.

The petitioners had claimed that the state government was not following the UGC resolution enforced from June 30, 2010, according to which the retirement age of teachers was increased from 62 to 65 years.

The counsels for the teachers argued that the UGC resolution was like a central act and according to constitutional provisions if differences arose between a state act and a central one, the later would prevail.

Appearing for the state, advocate-general Anil Kumar Sinha said the state had the right to decide the retirement age of university teachers according to the state university act and till date the retirement age of university teachers was 62 years.

After hearing the arguments, the high court asked the state to increased the retirement age of the teachers from 62 to 65 years with effect from June 30, 2010.

[Source: Times of India]


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28 Feb 2011

If the teacher is agile enough,wants to work,should be allowed to work till 65 if UGC has recommended to state govt.Even GujaratGovt. should take example from this.

K M joshi
22 Feb 2011

when Government of Gujrat will wake up to increase the age of retirement of teachers in universities and colleges as also change the qualification of Vice Chancellor and composition of search committee on the lines notified by the University Grants Commission.

03 Feb 2011

it should contain latest informations, otherwise it will mislead the readers. eg. news about NET exemption. I think this order is not inforce now.

A Srivastava
27 Jan 2011

As far as Law is concerned parity must prevail.
I have always been unable to unravel the logic behind raising the retirement age to 65 yrs. by UGC.
For teachers possessing academic excellenec their is a provision of Emeritus Scientist and the others are not wanted.
We should also think about the next generation who are enthuasiastic, energetic and excellent. Their enthusiasm dies out or they settle for smaller jobs or they flee.
Is 62 or 60 is not a better option?


25 Jan 2011

The government should urgently evolve a national policy for age of retirement of University/college teachers to avoid unhealthy disparities.

19 Jan 2011

why itis only for university teachers why not for govt. college teachers who teaching for pg n ph.d why this differnciation between university n govt. college teachers one has to bring at par level govt. shoukld think.

r m more
18 Jan 2011

pl provide information regarding retirement of the librarian of the private engineering colleges
is there any resolution passed
pl send copy of it.
thanking you

r m more

17 Jan 2011

I must thanks to the justice R.R.Prasad for this invaluable judgement. If such decisions are being taken by the other states then there could be an uniformity in higher education. I also congratulate those teachers who took stand to fight this against the state government.

17 Jan 2011

I support the decision on increasing the retirement age. Only during the last 20 to 25 years, much importance was given to research and many FIP schemes were sponsored. The people who got training by these schemes were able to continuously train more Ph. D. scholars. These senior people are now in retiring stage. By increasing the retirement age they would be available to give their expertise to the young generations. These senior teachers would not be a threat to the young people because their job requirements and their capabilities of are significantly different. An enhancement of retirement age not only applicable to the old people but will also be available to the future recruits.

Rajkumar V Kulkarni, Librarian SNMC Bagalkot
14 Jan 2011

Increase the retirement age of university teachers is not a good decision. Because it is not the solution to solve the problems in India's higher education system. Instead of this UGC should bring the rules which can promote the research activities in higher education. Teachers dedication and commitment towards research can bring new hopes in our higher education. Increase the retirement age will provide only monitory benefit to the teachers community.

Dr. C. R. Gautam
14 Jan 2011

I would like thanks to Justice R R Prasad for such a nice decision. I think so, there should be not discrimination between the center and state rules for the higher education. The Increased retirement age of university teachers from 62 to 65 years on the lines of a resolution adopted by the University Grants Commission (UGC). I also congratulates to the teachers who are on the corner of the retirement. Also thanks to the teachers whohas brought the writ in court.