Retirement age of college teachers, principals raised in Maharashtra

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The state government of Maharashtra has increased the retirement age of college teachers to 62 years and for principals it has been increased from 60 to 65 years. The decision was taken as per the guidelines by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

"The retirement age of teachers in Higher and Technical education has been increased from 58 to 62 years and for the Principals, the age limit would be 65 from the current 60 years," informed Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan.

While answering queries on whether the decision would hamper the prospects of young candidates Chavan said the decision will not affect the youth because after thorough scrutiny teachers will be allowed to resume their duties after 60 years.

"The decision has been taken considering a vacuum of eligible professors in colleges. But there would be strict norms like PhD, physical fitness for teachers to continue after 60 years," the minister added.

Clarifying the issue further, Higher and Technical Education minister Rajesh Tope said faculty’s performance will assessed before giving them the retirement age benefit.

"There is an urgent need for government to fill up vacant posts else colleges cannot be given approval and hence the increase in retirement age. The work assessment, educational qualification and the confidential report of the professors and the principals would be considered before giving them extension," Tope said.

Recently, Jharkhand also increased the retirement age of university teachers from 62 to 65 years on the lines of a resolution adopted by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

[Source: Financial Express]


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It is good that retirement of College teachers is extended up to 62 years and University Professors up to 65 years; but it should be based on merit, health and performance. Otherwise, extension of retirement age of the College/University faculty would not serve any purpose. It is successfully implemented in the Universities in the UK.
The irony is, even some young faculty members do not carry out research work and teaching seriously. Even if they do research, they publish their research findings in substandard journals due to poor quality of research. If they do good quality research, publication of their findings in standard journals would not be difficult. Unfortunately, some faculty members devote most of their time in unproductive work damaging the reputation of universities, earned by good quality faculty members.

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It is an EYE WASH by the Maharashtra Government. Principals are happy. However, from the GR, it is clear that the teachers are not going to get any benefit as per as age of retirement is concern. Because, the post will be advertised twice, and only on non-availability of fresh candidate teacher will get benefit of age of superannuation from 60 to 62. Poor teacher at 60 has to pray and wait till the interview and only on non-availability of fresh candidate enter back into the same college with mercy. It is very clear that government is taking all care of the supremos of society which runs the college at the expenses of Government.

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Rightly said by Mr. C. Namasivayam.... This is the real senario in our universities in India. Look for Publications in journals, their impact factor, and the citation index to judge the professors and non-availability of fresh candidate is not a good thing to judge them with... We need good teachers.....who will teach students all is nonsense....Take students opinion as to how the teacher teaches.....But We all know afterall everything is based on the goddam politics in this country....when will our country develop out of this politics.... And so are talented people going to other countries...atleast their work is appreciated there..... In our country everything is politics....nobody cares about talent......!!

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It is a good news to the retiring teachers, however, stringent and st.forward mechnism is required to retain the meritorius teachers and who have really contributed for the development of their institution where they worked.
simply extending retirement age to 62yrs to everybody will create lot of chaos and unemployment problem for the eligible youths.

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