Prof Ved Prakash appointed as Chairman, UGC
07 Feb 2011

The ministry of human resource development, government of India, has appointed Prof Ved Prakash as chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC). Prof Ved Prakash replaces Prof Sukhadeo Thorat, whose term as chairman, UGC ended on February 6, 2011. Prior to joining UGC as chairman, Prof Prakash was vice chairman of the Commission since May 2009.
Prof Ved Prakash, an eminent academician and author of a number of books, articles and research papers, has also served as vice chancellor, National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) from 2005 to 2009. Before that he was secretary, University Grants Commission (UGC) from 2002 to 2005.
A recipient of US Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Prof Ved Prakash is also visiting faculty at University of Windsor and Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID), Harvard University.
While he was Professor and Head at National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Prof Prakash suggested various measures and reforms in higher education, including reforms in the examination system related to assessment and evaluation.

By Abhay Anand


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umesh p
05 Nov 2015

Honorable mr.vedaprakash sir.
Im frm karnataka..sir i got ba degree frm ksoumysore dde v v on 2014 .if u published before2012about not granted about that vv courese..i never admited in that already i got degree.then i got good marks in kpsc fda ur publications ..kpsc wl reject my plz sir this is my life qsn..plz considered tha yr coureses and granted those..y v punished sir......u wl punished go v v..plz solvd this request soonly..thank you sir

10 Sep 2013

Sir, I have done M.A. M.Phil in Pol.Sc. and Pursuing Ph.d from the university of Jammu. I want to from your side that I am open category student and dont have 55% marks at my P.G. level. Because under our university norms a person who has m.phil degree is eligible to Ph.d. Important thing is that when i will complete my Ph.d after that also i am not eligible for college and university jobs due to open category student. This is my humble request to your resepective office and chairman to think about this issue because this is not only my problem but also a lot of other students too. Please make some amendments to secure our future.

Dr. Aditya Narayan
09 Jul 2013

Heartly congratulations to Dr. Vedparkash Ji for his appointment as Chairman, UGC.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
jy Bihari ji ki guru ji

29 Jan 2013

Prof Ved Prakash,
Hearty Congratulations to you. I am confident that under your dynamic academic leadership the University system in our country will be strengthened. Wish you all the best. Sir, we are completed PDF and having good academic research paper and records but unfortunately still unemployed. Kindly direct all Indian university V.C's for considering PDF at time of interview.we humbly request you to kindly look into these discrepancies and advise the all Vice chanceller to find suitable remedies. We are in the hope that our humble views will be considered with due care and the remedial action will be taken to display the corrected norms in the UGC web sites very soon.

S Mohanraj
20 Jan 2013

My hearty congratulations to Prof Ved Prakash. The decision to appoint him as the Chairman should have come long ago. He deserves the position very well, and we hope the UGC will prosper under his regime. My best wishes to him with a promise of full support.

Mohanraj S

27 Aug 2012

no:439 , 2nd cross periyar nagar, nellithope pondy 5.
27 August 2012

The Honorable Minister
Ministry of Human Resource & Development
New Delhi
Sub: Redressal of Grievances and Suggestions to AICTE

I have the honour to bring the following facts for your kind consideration and favourable action.

We are working in a private engineering college as Asst Professors in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. Our qualifications are first class MCA, first class M.Tech(Computer Technology &Apps). As per the existing faculty norms for Lecturer (now Asst Professor) cadre in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, of Engineering colleges, a person with MCA / M.Sc followed with first class M.E (Computer Science and Engineering)/ M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) qualification is eligible. But as per the new norms the eligibility conditions are mentioned in AICTE website (AICTE) as follows.

“BE / BTech and ME / MTech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE / BTech or ME / MTech”

Whereas as per the latest UGC Norms the eligibility conditions are as follows:

1.1. Master’s Degree with 55% marks in the appropriate branch of Engineering
(Engg.) & Technology (Tech) .
1.2. NET/SLET/SET shall also not be required for such Masters Programmes in
disciplines for which NET/SLET/SET is not conducted subject to the conditions
stipulated in these Regulations in clause.3.3.3.
1.3. A minimum score as stipulated in the Academic Performance Indicator (API)
based Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) developed by UGC in these
Regulations shall be a mandatory requirement

Under this circumstances, it creates ambiguity in many ways and causes a concern for the people like us. The abrupt changes in the policy decisions will seriously damage to the existing system. There are more than one thousand staff members, who are presently serving in private engineering colleges who were recruited as per the existing rules. It is not fair on the part of AICTE to curb the existing, well experienced faculty members by imposing restrictions. It seems that the rule makers fail to consider the prevailing conditions and the welfare of the existing members. The new rules affect us in the following ways.
1. The new rules block the students of Science stream from entering into engineering streams.
2. In many previous meetings of AICTE, the importance of the science is strongly insisted. However, the new rules do not consider it.
3. There is no provision in the new system that insists the qualifications related to the specialization of Engineering Teaching (such as B.Ed. for school education) for producing best engineering teachers.
4. Like the existing norms, there is no separate clause in the new norms that deals with eligibility of faculty members of computer science & engineering course. Since, Computer Science & Engineering field is still in its infant stage, there are no sufficient numbers of postgraduates with engineering background.
5. Further, since there is no clear demarcation among B.E.(Comp. Science & Engineering), B.Tech (IT), MCA, and M.Sc (Computer Science/ IT/ Software Engineering), all these students are undergoing more or less the same curriculum.
6. Although, on one side AICTE permits the science students to enter into PG course in Engineering, on the other side it is not at all giving any opportunity to them to become a teacher. It shows the dual standards of the AICTE. Instead of concentrating the quality education, the new AICTE rules were framed to suppress the teachers with science background.

7. As for as the faculty eligibility norms of MCA is concerned the new norms for Asst. Professor is given below.

“ BE/BTech and ME/MTech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE/BTech or ME/MTech
BE/ BTech and MCA with First class or equivalent in either BE/BTech or MCA OR
MCA with first class or equivalent with two years relevant experience”

8. The third part of the above rule is ridiculous and illogical. The rule says the Fresher with MCA qualification is not eligible to become a faculty member in AICTE approved institutions. we wonder, how can a person get relevant experience for two years without permitting him to work as faculty member. The definition for relevant experience is not given anywhere.

Under these circumstances we humbly request you to kindly look into these discrepancies and advise the AICTE to find suitable remedies. We are in the hope that our humble views will be considered with due care and the remedial action will be taken to display the corrected norms in the AICTE web sites very soon.

Thanking you very much,

Yours truly,


Copy to : 1. The Honorable President of India
2. The Chairman, UGC
3. The Chairman, AICTE

Akhilesh Vikram Singh
15 Aug 2012

The Organizer/ In-Charge
Dr. D.S. Kothari Post Doc Fellowship scheme
UGC-New Delhi, India

Subject: Delay by the UGC-office in releasing the sanction letter.

Respected Sir/ Madam,
I am writing in reference to the delay by the UGC-Office in releasing the sanction letter. Sir, I have got the UGC-Dr. D.S. Kothari post doc fellowship in the month of April-2012 and received the letter in the month of May-2012. I have sent the joining letter in the month of June-2012 but still not get any confirmations regarding the same.
Before saying something about the processing, I would like to put your attention on the status of a scholar who likes to join this fellowship. Undoubtedly the evaluation and awarding part of University of Pune is quite good. Now, I come to the point that for a scholar (from professional course),
who want to start his individual research work through this fellowship find some difficulties:
(1) The fellowship starts normally after 4-6 month after the result announcement.
(2) How can he survive in a institution for initial six month?
(3) Why should he opt this fellowship against any foreign fellowship scheme?

I hope this application will draw a real picture of the status of a scholar who opted Dr. D.S. Kothari Post Doc fellowship which is one of the prestigious schemes of the UGC. I hope the UGC –office will do their best for releasing the grant and sanction letter for the benefit of this scheme.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
An UGC –Dr. D.S. Kothari awardees’

s k das
31 Jul 2012

pl. do not go for private universities like CMJ, EIILM, etc.
Try for Govt. universities .

Praveen Malali
30 Jul 2012

i have completed Diploma and i am looking for in distance mode at CMJ university meghalaya.
so i want to know about the CMJ university , is this UGC approved ? please let me know about this.

16 Mar 2012

Hon' ble UGC Chairman,

I am an Alumni of IIIT Allahabad (Institution of National Importance). I have a humble request to you to please help and save our beloved Alma mater from Dr. M. D. Tiwari, Director, IIIT Allahabad and Vaish family (Holding Various positions in IIIT Allahabad).

Dr. M. D. Tiwari has been director of IIITA from its foundation, it’s been thirteen (13) years and he is still continuing on this post. Dr. M.D. Tiwari has been appointed as OSD (Officer on Special Duty) of this institute year back to 1999 by then MHRD ministry and since then he has been holding the position. It’s a rare case when the same person has continued as the director of the single institute for such a long time.

As per information obtained from RTI, his tenure has been finished on 21 jan. 2012. still he is continuing as Director of IIIT Allahabad.

Due to irregularities made by him, an inquiry committee was setup by BOG on March 2011, chaired by retired HC judge A. K . Srivastava and one member Dr. Devi Singh, Director, IIM Lucknow. the committee has been submitted his report on 25 December 2011. We are not able to get that report even though continuous effort from our side as BOG (Board of Governors) has been dissolved and BOM (Board of Management) is in place.

Please Help the IIIT Allahabad community by taking responsive steps.

Students and Alumni

Soumendra Nath MAITRA
30 Jan 2012

Hon' ble UGC Chairman,UGC Prof Ved Prakash
Respected Sir,
Since 1978,I have till date published independendly research papers,articles ,problems/solutions on my own efforts and intuition in about 46 different refereed journals at home and abroad mostly carrying ISSN. As a senior citizen I aspire to earn a Phd degree. Kindly let me know how I can go in for the same without appearing at the entrance test for Phd program.Can I be considered for award of Phd degree on the basis of a portion of my published work and a thesis if required.

Sarabjeet Singh
18 Aug 2011

Dear Dr. Prakash,
I am a Canadian citizen working at University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I did my BSC from Jodhpur University (JN Vyas Univ) in 1888-90 and this was an old system of two year degree program. I am in urgent need of the old syllabus showing course content of all Zoology paper I took. This is urgently required by my Canadian university.
I sent several e-mail to the Registrar and the Vice Chancellor of the JNVU but never got any response. You are my last hope and I know you can get this syllabus for me. This will change my life if I can have this syllabus by the end of Sept.
My e-mail is, Phone: +1-306-955-1289. Please help me.
Dr. Sarabjeet Singh

D. Duresh
18 Apr 2011

Respected ved prakash ji

congrulations from MGNIRSA hyderabad for taking charge as Chairman of UGC, we have confidence on your ability that you will cary UGC to greater heights of success.

Dr D. Suresh

Dr. P.Johnson
08 Mar 2011

Congrajulation and wishing all the Best during his tenure.

08 Mar 2011

Prof. Ved Prakashji,
I felicitate you on assuming the acting position of UG?C Chairman. Sir
we have very hopes from you. The emerging issue under your leadership to be tackled is about UGC Regulations 2010. As you are aware UGC has constituted Anomaly Committtee on UGC new
regulations but so far no recommendation has come especially CAS
promotion. This has created stalemate in CAS and anxiety in the
teaching community. It will be a great help to nation and teaching
community if you could speed up the working of the anomaly committeee.

Dr. Partha Pratim Lahiri
12 Feb 2011

Congratulations, we are delighted to see you as the Chairman, UGC. Hope your leadership will help UGC to reach a new height.

prof.panchal U V
12 Feb 2011

Prof. Ved Prakash chairman UGC
Congratulation for ur appointment as chairman UGC .Your academic excellence &contribution at world level will give a definite direction to Higher Education for achieving dream making India super power. with regards .#Prof u v Panchal

Prof P.Purushotham Rao
11 Feb 2011

Hearty congratulations to Prof. Ved Prakashji on assuming charge as the Chairman of UGC. I wish you all the best.

Prof Kripa Shanker
11 Feb 2011

Dear Prof Ved Prakash
Congratulations for having accepted the very important position as Chairman of University Grants Commission at a very crucial and important juncture ! We are very confident that with your vast and rich experience and able skills, the UGC will do all the goods needed for the society. Our Best Wishes !!
Warm regards
Kripa Shanker
Vice Chancellor
Gautam Buddh Technical University Lucknow (UP)

Ashok Kumar
11 Feb 2011

Dear Hon'able Dr. Ved Praksh
Chairman, U.G.C. NewDelhi, INDIA
Respected Dr. Ved Prakash Sir
Lots of Congratulations
We are happy to learn of your appointment as Chairman, U .G.C. New Delhi, for you have served it both as Secretary and Vice-Chairman with great distinction . All the best for this achievement.
Warm regards
Ashok Kumar
Asst. Professor Law
Faculty of Legal Studies
M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, U.P.

10 Feb 2011

Dear Prof. Ved
My hearty congratulations. You have taken charge at a time when the UGC and the higher education sector, at large, are facing a lot of challenges. I am sure you are capable of leading the institution in the right direction.
My best wishes

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Director of Research
Mahatma Gandhi University
Kottayam, Kerala-686560
Phone: Mob: +919447230643

Prof.Koshy Ninan
10 Feb 2011

Congratulations to Dr.Vedprakash. Hope he will not keep a deaf ear to suggestions and feedback for the improvement of higher education in our country, contrary to his predecessor.

Prof. Ranjan Chakrabarti
10 Feb 2011

My congratulations to Prof Ved Prakash. Prof Prakash is the right choice in view of the ongoing modernization of India's higher education system. I am a former Fulbright post-doctoral Fellow and I am delighted to see another former fulbrighter as the Chairman of UGC. I wish Prof. Ved Prakash all success in his new position.
Ranjan Chakrabarti

J S Bhat
09 Feb 2011

Congratulations to Prof. Ved Prakash. Higher Education in India will be benifited by his vision. Under his leadership and guidance UGC can start many innovative methods of academic activities.

Chattar Singh
09 Feb 2011

UGC's gain is Haryana's loss. Leap from Haryana's hinterland near Gurgaon to New Delhi ITO's UGC building may be well-placed seat for Dr Ved Prakash Sharma , but a budding central university in Haryana may dry up in germination-mode like the most-prevalent female foeticideology for which Haryana is infamous. The only hope is that Dr VP will help grow his brian-child Haryana's only central university to become Number One in the country.

09 Feb 2011

I as Vice Chancellor of Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), Waknaghat, Solan, H.P. whole heartedly welcome the appointment of Prof. Ved Prakash as Chairman, University Grants Commission and Congratulate Prof Prakash on this much deserved appointment.

Sasi,Elango and John
09 Feb 2011

Hearty felicitations sir.. as being appointed as the Chairman of UGC Under your guidance the higher education percentage and the quality of education which is for all the marginalized society and poor students who are not ale to get the proper education..
Wish you all the best...
The staff. Dept of Economics, Loyola College, Chennai. 34

09 Feb 2011

Heartly congratulations to Dr. Vedparkash Ji for his appointment as Chairman, UGC.
hope the gazatted notification regarding m. phil exemption will be issued soon.

Dr. B.E.Rangaswamy
09 Feb 2011

I wish Dr. Ved Prakshji All the best. Under his Chairmanship UGC can plan many innovative academic activity. I also request the whole system to support.

Dr. Baldev Agja
09 Feb 2011

Hon. Sir,
Prof. Ved Prakash
Chairman, UGC
I am very happy to know that you are appointed as a Chairman of UGC and you are heartily congratulated for your appointment.

Warm regards

Your sincerely
Dr. Baldev Agja
Department of Political Science, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar

09 Feb 2011

hearty congratulations. innovative acedemic things will happen here after. a new chapter begins. wish him all the best.

Sujata Murlidhar Patil
09 Feb 2011

Sir ,
Heartly congratulations for your appointment as Chairman, UGC.

uday Arun
09 Feb 2011

Can he clean and make transparent, the most corrupt organization of India i.e UGC? He was the Vice-chairman of UGC when a great scam happened in providing deemed university status. By taking money by Vice-Chairman & Chairman, given the status of deemed university to run teaching shop as well as degree shop. A MHRD ministry know each & everything, even though, he has given the appointment of such person.It means that kapil sibal do not to stop corruption in higher education system.

Col Ranbir Singh Jakher
09 Feb 2011

I happen to meet Dr Ved Prakash along with Dr Balram Jakhar at Bhopal and later heard him speak , what a fantastic intellectual talk it was ! The country and the country men and women will benefit a lot from Professor Ved Prakash's appointment . He an intelectual and thorough academician plus an honest individual , a rare trait now a days . He will not only take UGC to great heights but will also clean up the system getting rotten now a days .
Col Ranbir Singh Jakher ( 09358419347 )
Pricipal , JP Academy , Meerut

DR Nalini Kant Jha
09 Feb 2011

Respected Professor Ved Prakash ji,

It is great news. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your elevation as the Chairman of the UGC. Under your dynamic and dedicated leadership, I am sure, the UGC and higher education in India will scale much greater heights as envisaged by our Government.

Prof N K Jha
Professor of Politics and International Studies &
Director, Institute for South Asian Studies
Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry-605014

Dr. jayasankaraprasad
08 Feb 2011

It is indeed a moment of pride for us to note that an impeccable academician and erudite scholar par excellence is heading a governing body of Indian universities. We sincerely wish that he would bring back laurels to august body UGC with his decades of proven admin station. We are looking forward to hear from his learned 'vedas' for turnaround strategies in higher education.

M. G. Husain
08 Feb 2011

It's great achievement of Prof. Ved Parkash. My heartiest congratulations to him for this new but one of the highest assignment.

Dr Debdulal Banerjee
08 Feb 2011

Our hearty Congratulations to Prof. Ved Prakash for becoming Chairman, University Grants Commission. During this educational reformation period your leadership is highly needed. Hope Indian Higher Education system will reach its peak during your chairmanship.
Debdulal Banerjee
Vidyasagar University
West Bengal

Dr. Sureshramana Mayya
08 Feb 2011

I am delighted to know the appointment of true academician as Chairman of UGC. We can expect a lot from him.

Col Ranbir Singh Jakher
08 Feb 2011

It indeed is a happy News for the entire country . Prof Ved Prakash is an outstanding educationist of International repute , a man of integrity and honesty we can expect him to take the UGC to greater heights of professional competence. We , all , Indians have very high expectation from him . And we are sure he will prove himself better than Professor Yash Pal , who too is a great thinker and well meaning individual respected all over the world .

Col Ranbir Singh Jakher (retd) , now Principal of JPAcademy , Meerut

L.Sanjeev Kumar
08 Feb 2011

Respected Prof. Ved Prakash Sir,
My hearty Congratulations to you for your appointment as Chairman, UGC. Under your leadership with vast experience the UGC and all the Universities of India will perform best and reach its heights. I am working as Professor in Electrical Department at Sri Siddhartha Institute OF Technology,Tumkur-Karnataka. May God give full strength to Make UGc get back its status as before and make our country proud of you sir. i wish all the success in your future endavour on behalf of me and my management and all collegue

Prof.Matcha Bhaskar
08 Feb 2011

Respected Prof. Ved Prakash Sir,
My hearty Congratulations to you for your appointment as Chairman, UGC. Under your leadership with vast experience the UGC and all the Universities of India will perform best and reach its heights. I am now working on Stem Cells in Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Uk under Commonwealth Academic Fellowship with the support of both UGC and Commonwealth Commission. I am a regular Professor in Dept. of Zoology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, A.P., India.
I wish you all success on my behalf, on behalf of all Commonwealth Fellows from India and from our SV University.
With best regards,
Prof.Matcha Bhaskar
+44 7934685634

08 Feb 2011

Prof Ved Prakash,
Hearty Congratulations to you. I am confident that under your dynamic academic leadership the University system in our country will be strengthened. Wish you all the best.

Dr J H Khan
08 Feb 2011

Revered Professor Ved Prakashji

We are happy to learn of your appointment as Chairman, UGC, for you have served it both as Secretary and Vice-Chairman with great distinction. We, at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar welcome your appointment and hope of more and better plans to infuse life into Higher Education. We are sure that the UGC under your able leadership will be able to create many a milestone during your tenure as Chairman.

Personally speaking, I wish all the very best life can offer, sir, and promise my unconditional support and cooperation.

Warm regards

Your sincerely
J H Khan

08 Feb 2011

Respected Prof. Ved Prakash, My sincere and Heartiest Congratulations to prof Ved Prakash. I wish him all the very best in his tenure.

Dr TD Bhushan Kumar
08 Feb 2011

Dear Prof. VedPrakash Ji!
My Heartfelt Congratulations. To you for being Chairman of UGC- I hope under your stewardship our Nation will propsper and reach its heights in value education.
Bhushan Kumar and BEST Team

08 Feb 2011

My sincere and Heartiest Congratulations to prof Ved Prakash. I hope with his immaculate Academic credentials, Prof Prakash will function with visionary zeal and bring up the UGC to still greater heights.

Ajay Sharma
08 Feb 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Ved Prakash for being chairman, All the best for this

Dr. Bhagwan Singh Chaudhary
08 Feb 2011

Lots of Congratulations to Dr. Ved Prakash for achieving this rare feet and which is another feather in his cap. Dr. Prakash has proved his mantle at many prestigious positions previously. His appointment as Chairman UGC will definitely hep in raising this Institute to the heights. All the best for this endevour.

C V Raghuveer
08 Feb 2011

Heartiest Congratulations to prof Ved Prakash. I hope with his immaculate Academic credentials, Prof Prakash will function with visionary zeal and bring up the UGC to still greater heights. I wish him all the very best in his tenure.