Prof K Ramasamy appointed TNAU VC
27 Aug 2012

Prof K Ramasamy has been appointed as the new vice-chancellor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore for the next three years. A former agricultural professor at TNAU, Ramasamy, presently, holds vice-chancellor post of Karpagam University.

The term of the former VC Murugesa Bhoopathi ended on June 3. Soon after, a three-member search committee was formed to select the new VC. The committee had submitted three names to the governor, who is the chancellor of the universities. From the three suggested names, one is chosen for the post by the governor.

"He is an excellent academic with administrative skills," says one of his former colleagues who is now a senior professor at TNAU. He took voluntary retirement from TNAU in 2006, when he was the director of the Centre for Molecular Biology. Later, he worked in senior positions in some private universities. An office bearer of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) said that he was an able academic with leadership skills. "He is a renowned academic in his field with a clean image. This has raised hopes among the academic community," he said.

Academics from TNAU said that the mandate of the new VC will include improving the research atmosphere of the institute.

Ramasamy said that he will initiate steps to equip the youth to face global challenges. At the same time, sources close to him said that he plans to enhance joint collaborations with foreign institutes and agencies.

[Source: Times of India]


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