PhD norms bent by Mumbai University

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Mumbai University has allowed its PhD guides to conduct entrance tests for each candidate registered under them. The university has made this special arrangement for over 600 candidates who enrolled as per the old UGC norms for the doctoral studies in the university. These candidates did not appear for UGC approved PET (PhD entrance test).

In June 2009, the University Grants Commission (UGC) laid down norms for a common entrance test that universities across the country would have to follow for registering research fellows. But, Mumbai University has recently finalized the process for selecting candidates and held an entrance test for those who registered after February, 2011.

According to a university official, “the academic council has decided that the guides will take an exam for their PhD fellows and also a six-month classroom course on research methodology.”

The university’s academic council has decided on a special arrangement for around 600 candidates, who will now appear for a test conducted by their own PhD guides. Among the registered candidates are three politicians from the state, Jitendra Awhad (MLA), Anil Parab (former Sena MLC) and Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Rajesh Tope.

Tope has confirmed his registration for the PhD before November 2010 but hesmay not take the test  immediately. "I am busy with the session and other ministry-related work. I will attempt the test when I have the time," he said.

Meanwhile, the University Grants Commission has came down heavily on MU’s decision, "This is not acceptable with the UGC guidelines of 2009, which warrants that the university must conduct an entrance exam, followed by face-to-face interviews and course work for one or two semesters. This special arrangement is not what we meant while drawing up the guidelines. Such a special arrangement is not provided for in our guidelines," said Ved Prakash, UGC chairman.

[Source: Times of India]


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

There should be a course work or orientation course for candidates willing to join Ph.D conducted by PG Department followed by writen and oral examinations. One who qualifies as per the decided passing standard can proceed for the doctoral degee. The doctoral thesis work never originates from regimentation kind of mechanical admission process but from a kind of GURU-SHISHYA relation existing well before the commencement of the thesis work. The Ph.D. guide or GURU can see the spark and the quality he wants in his student.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I think after these accounts of haraassment(both mental and physical) by the guides, UGC apex body giverning the rules and regulations of this PhD has to change the regulations. why does a student need a guide when he really does not do any guidance except trouble the poor fellow in all conceivable ways.. i think it should be some thing like if a candidate has some particular number of publications in peer reviewed journals, or journals with good impact factor, it should be considered as PhD. .. Because i have seen many so called researchers who start research for PhD and end it once PhD is awarded.. if i hav to believe the number of PhD awarded by indian universities,india should have been a super power by this time.. this i donot see happening any where in my life time.. because in india things move very sloooooowly.. top bosses of related organizations leave your ego aside and decide for the good of the country for the betterment of aspiring researchers create a environment conducive for real research with some aspect of novelty in it.. rather than having some old wine presented in a new bottle kind of research.. i am tiredd cannot write any more.. hope some body listens to this far cry of mine.. and free researchers from all these hurdles that one has to go through to you know start research.. lets just do research and publish and get PhD rahter than getting bogged down by all these procedures.. attitudes of the guides, panel of so called examiners, and all such people whoa re like pain in the butt of a researcher. this explains the lack of quality research in indian setup..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It is the time of lot of confusion for PhD. Every university set their norms without analyzing the resources and feasibility. Why the UGC or AICTE can not conduct an examination on research methodology for all the students enrolled in any university for PhD. This is the time of great transformation in education sector and number of private university came into existence in past few years in this situation the norms should be very clear and uniform for all the university otherwise the central and state university will face a big loss as PhD students are more attracted to words private university because of easy norms.In fact we should fix the uniform policy at least for PhD. I am of the view of having uniform syllabus from 10th onwards the 10th pass should have the same standards through out the India but due to education as a subject in concurrent list it is difficult to incorporate
But we should strictly follow the norms and standards for PhD

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I am feeling sad to read a comment by a Ph.D. student in this forum. He says, "I think after these accounts of harassment (both mental and physical) by the guides......". My comment here is: If a student is not happy with his guide, he can very well approach the university to change the guide. Furthermore, who says publication in good impact factor journal is not needed for the award of degree. I would like to quote my Anna University, Chennai as an example for this.
For a hardworking student finding a suitable guide is not a big issue. Even I will be happy to have such student.
Dhananjay Kumar
Anna University, Chennai.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

UGC should conduct separate national eligibility test for admission to Ph.D. in any University OR only NET-qualified students can proceed for the doctoral degree.
UGC only wants work as a watch dog for the universities, this can not improve the standards.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I want to know as a Ph.D. student whether I can change my Guide if not happy with my guide's attitude. I had requested the VC for change of Guide instead I was transferred to that place where my Guide is working (My Guide is working in one of the extension Centre's of that university).

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Even my condition is similar to BK Singh. I am doing full time research in an affiliated college of Bharathiar university, Coimbatore. I am in the last year of my PhD work. I am a UGC JRF candidate getting scholarship from UGC for my research work. When i Joined in 2011, my guide remained very cooperative with me. But for second year, i haven't received my scholarship till date since there was fund problem in UGC. For the past 6 months, i am having problem with my guide. In my case, my guide is not allowing me to touch a single glassware or chemical for my research work. She told me to get them on my own since i am getting scholarship even absorbent or non absorbent cotton. But apart from that, i am paying 10000 Rs to my college as semester fees. But i am not supposed to use any chemical. That's how, my first year money got over. Now my 3rd year started still i haven't received the 2 nd year amount. My guide and college is not ready to send the remainder to UGC also. Apart from this, my guide is expecting me to publish a research paper every week which is impossible since my subject is Applied Microbiology and it is not possible to do so unless i manipulate. I am supposed to take classes around 3 hours every day for MSc students. I am not able to tolerate her mental harrassment saying that i am fit for nothing. I did the entire manpower work for getting her DBT & UGC projects sanctioned for which she is not ready to acknowledge.
Since I am in 3rd year, i would like to know whether it is possible for change of guide and change of university in my case. Please help.

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