North Eastern Hill University dean in trouble over alleged fake PhD
19 Mar 2013

Sushabhan Choudhury, Dean and Professor at Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of North Eastern Hill University is in trouble over an alleged fake PhD certificate.

According to Dr Sudip Chatterjee, Ex General Secretary (FET) of Students Union of Jadavpur University, “CBI Shillong has already started the investigation and it has been emphasized that Executive Council of Jadavpur University should file official complain to Jadavpur Police Station and that FIR to be intimated to CBI Shillong urgently.”

Talking to India Education Review, Dr Chatterjee said, “Today we met the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar of Jadavpur University over the issue and they have assured us that they are soon going to file an FIR against Sushabhan Choudhury.”

As per allegations, Dr Choudhury has manipulated his PhD on the letterhead of Dr B Karmakar, Principal Secretary, Jadavpur University. Reportedly, he has been using this fake PhD certificate since 2006.

India Education Review contacted Dr B Karmakar, who said that he did not award the PhD to Dr Choudhury, but confirmed that his letterhead was used.

Sudip Chatterjee said that till March 2010, Sushabhan Choudhury was professor at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) under Sikkim Manipal University.

He further alleges that during 2010, one PhD was awarded from Sikkim Manipal University under Sushabhan Choudhury’s supervision.

“It is a serious question how a Ph.D can be awarded from Sikkim Manipal University under a fake PhD degree holder of Jadavpur University,” he said.

Chatterjee has also questioned the administration of Sikkim Manipal University and North Eastern Hill University for allowing Sushabhan Choudhury to use this fake PhD certificate without confirming it from Jadavpur University till date.

By Abhay Anand


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Dr.Gopakumar Vadassery
17 Apr 2013

It is really shameful for academicians to do such mal-practices for their personal gains. This is a very alarming situation in education field, rather than in R&D. In fact, he has guided one PhD work also after 2006. Quite shameful on him, as a Professor. Instead of guiding some one ( who also is likely to lose his PhD because of guidance by a non qualified guide), the culprit could have completed his own research work. Research is not everybody`s cup of tea. Research is a passion to find new answer(s) to problems through innovation .It is dedication with utmost sincerity which is the hall mark of research. Per ca-pita research output is on the decline in all the universities. The condition of state universities could be still worse. What we need is a total revamp of the existing research system and monitoring of it in the Universities. But I am sure that politicians who are enjoying their benefits and facilities by being members of the syndicate, senate and even academic councils of Universities shall never agree to change the development of the research system , or for that matter any system where more control is being introduced. ( Live Example is University of Calicut, in Kerala)

G C Maheshwari
12 Apr 2013

It is no surprise that only three institutions are listed in Asia Top 100 universities. Many universities are suffering humongous on account of internal politics fueled by non-academic teachers,political interventions in appointments to all ranks,poor teaching standards,mass production of undergraduates, improper infrastructure and above all poor learning environment. Whereever change is initiated, it is top-down and hardly there is proper preparation to initiate the change. Teacher development is lost in the politics of academic staff colleges never select the candidates on the basis of learning abilities for it is presumed that one who has joined the teaching profession,he/she is a life long learner. Research is is not everybody`s cup of tea. Research is a passion to find new answer(s).It is dedication with utmost sincerity that is the hall mark of research research. Per ca-pita research output is on the decline in the universities. The condition of state universities is still worse. What we need is surgical operation of the existing system.

Dr. P. N. Goswami
05 Apr 2013

This is worse than plaguarism. Action must be taken against such persons to discourage others.

Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad
30 Mar 2013

In a democratic setup a successful crime is not crime but a virtue. There are a dozen more cases like Mr Chaudhary. In fact , he should not be an exception. Let Mr Chaudhary prove his stand before a council of professors by corss questioning on the topic he has done his PhD. The proceeding should be on the record in the form of a video authenticated by UGC personnels and later be it open for the public viewing. This appears to be most justified way of investigation on the educational arena. Rest I think will be a mockery.
Dr Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad

Dr S N Mishra
26 Mar 2013

This is going to be phenomenal activity in coming days. Because the superficial & partial actions at each level. Why this only one aspects require attention? There are lots of ambiguity at root level in whole system of education. The persons working in right direction are not taken care of/or asked for?

22 Mar 2013

It is certainly a shameful act to try to achieve anything using unfair means. If found guilty,Dr Choudhry be punished as per law and all universities be asked to give it a wide publicity so that no teacher may dare to commit such disgraceful mistake again.

21 Mar 2013

मातृभाषामा शिक्षा

माताको दूध शिशुलाई शिक्षा मातृभाषामा,

प्रभाव पर्छ सृस्‍टिलाई प्रकाशको गतिमा।.

यी माथिका हरफ मेघालय शिलोंगका नेपालीभाषी पुस्तक ब्यबसायी श्री बिष्णु गौतमले बिगत ५ वर्ष देखि जोड तोडका साथ प्रचार प्रसार गर्दै आएका छन् । उनले प्रकाशन गरेका पुस्तक, बिजक, लेटर प्याड, पुस्तक सुची जताततै यी हरफ देख्न पाइन्छ । नेपाली, अंग्रेजी, खासी र बंगाली भाषामा लेखिएका यी हरफले मातृभाषाको शक्तिले सृष्टिको रक्षा र यस सुन्दर बहुरंगी विश्व-बाटिकालाइ द्रुत गतिमा सुमुन्नत बनाउन टेवा मिल्ने संदेश दिन्छ ।.

जन्मेपछि सम्बाद गर्न सिकेको पहिलो भाषा नै मानिसको मातृभाषा हो । संसारमा ज्ञान, सोच र कल्पनाको बहुरंगी विविधता कायम राख्न पनि मातृभाषालाइ बचाईराख्न र विकास गर्न जरुरि छ । मातृभाषामा दिइने शिक्षाले सम्बन्धित भाषा त्यसको लिपि, जातीय संस्कार र संस्कृतिको विकास तथा समाजमा उत्प्रेरणा र चेतनाको अभिवृद्धि हुन्छ । यदि कुनै भाषा लोप भएर गयो भने त्यस जतिको संस्कृति पनि लोप भएर जान्छ । संस्कृतिक सम्वृद्धिमा सबैभन्दा ठूलो योगदान भाषाको नै हुन्छ । मातृभाषामा दिइने अभिव्यक्ति सबैभन्दा परिपूर्ण र सहज हुन्छ । यदि मातृभाषा सम्पन्न भयनन भने संसारमा धेरै कारोबार हुने सम्पर्क भाषाको अवस्था पनि खोक्रो हुन जानेछ । ससाना हजारौ मातृभाषाका कारणले नै संसारका सम्पर्क भाषा सम्पन्न र हराभरा भएका हुन् । यदि कारोबारी भाषामा लिप्त भएर मातृभाषाको लोप भयो भने ज्ञान बिज्ञानको संसार उराठिलो मरुभूमि जस्तो बन्ने छ । त्यसैले शिक्षा मातृभाषामै हुनु पर्छ । मातृभाषा मानिसको मौलिक ज्ञान, शिप सृजनाको खजाना हो । यस्तो महत्वपूर्ण खजानाको रक्षामा ध्यान नदिएर क्षणिक लाभको निम्ति कारोबारमा चलेका भाषामा मात्र लिप्त हुनु समाजको भविस्य माथि गरेको बेइमानी र बाल अधिकारको हनन हो ।.

प्रसिद्ध साहित्यकार रवीन्द्रनाथ टैगोरले भनेका छन्, ‘मातृभाषामा शिक्षा पाउनु मानिसको जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार हो । हामी जसरी आमाको कोखमा जन्मेका हौं त्यसैगरी मातृभाषा पनि हाम्रो कोख हो । यी दुवै आमा हाम्रालागि सधैं सजीव र अपरिहार्य छन् ।’ उनले मातृभाषाको महत्त्वलाई बुझे र बुझाउने कोसिस गरे । प्रसिद्ध राजनीतिज्ञ नेलसन मण्डेलाले भनेका छन्- इफ यू स्पिक टु अ म्यान इन अ ल्याङ्वेज ही अन्डरस्ट्यान्डस, इट गोज् टु हिज माइन्ड बट इफ यू स्पिक इन हिज ल्याङ्वेज इट गोज टु हिज हर्ट । यदि कसैसँग उसले बुझ्ने भाषामा कुरा गर्नुभयो भने त्यो कुरा उसको दिमागमा मात्र पुग्छ । यदि उसको मातृभाषामा भन्नुभयो भने मुटुसम्म पुग्छ । मण्डेलाले मातृभाषाको द्रुत असरलाई प्रस्ट्याए ।.

संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघको अध्ययनअनुसार यतिबेला कारोबारमा नचलेका करिब ५३०० मातृभाषा संकटमा परेका छन् । शिक्षामा मातृभाषाको महत्त्वलाई नजरअन्दाज गरेर अबको शिक्षानीति बनाइयो भने सामाजिक र राष्ट्रिय मात्र होइन मानव जातिकै अस्तित्व संकटमा आउन सक्ने स्थिति बन्नेछ । संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघमा सन् १९९९ बाट यस मुद्दाले स्थान पाइसकेको छ । अब यसलाई संसारभरि उपयुक्त कार्यान्वयनको खाँचो छ ।.

Arun Sarma
21 Mar 2013

It is indeed a serious matter. Obviously there are more in this field. We should make a policy how to check it in the beginning itself. It is sad that Jadavpur Univ. is involved in this case. I am sure there are many more universities in country who are giving certificates like this only. It is high time to make some strong policy so that no one can even think.

SK Mishra
20 Mar 2013

Undoutedly, North Eastern Hill University should verify from Jadavpur University if Mr. Choudhury did indeed receive his PhD from that University. Mr. Choudhury should also provide the evidence that he has really got the PhD degree from the said institution. While 7 years have gone by, the PhD. Cerificate must be ready now if he really got his PhD from Jadavpur University.

Bir Singh Yadav
20 Mar 2013

it is doubtful whether Ph.D, as it exists today, serves to highlight novelty of approach and depth of understanding it is ideally meant to showcase. solution lies in opening it to a wider section of intellectuals irrespective of academic background and make it pupil friendly. research today is as mired in red tape as any other activity. realms of forms to be filled up, charade of formalities to be carried out, need a specialization of sort and can discourage best of research idea.

Dilip Sharma
20 Mar 2013

Appeal Submit,Scheduled PhD Certificate.
I Dilip Sharma From INDIA.Best Qualified Person
I'am suffering in some prov lam Appeal for some contribution relief fund.
the appeal is submitted thanks for your corporation jai hind!!

Your Sincerely
Dilip Sharma

20 Mar 2013

This is a serious issue. It raises a question as why not there be more fish in the water? Probably VC of all university should verify this aspect on sue motto basis or hold the responsibility.