NET must for lecturer posts: UGC
05 Dec 2012

In order to apply for posts of lecturer in universities, colleges or other institutions, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has made it mandatory for candidates without PhD (pre-2009) to have passed the National Eligibility Test (NET)/State-Level Eligibility Test (SLET).

Candidates who have been doing PhD since 2009 with course work - would no longer have to clear NET/SLET before applying for the posts. A copy of the UGC notification was sent to the Panjab University vice-chancellor by the Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA).

In 2011, PU had taken up this matter in the senate, where it was decided that any candidate having a PhD, whether according to UGC regulations of 2009 or otherwise, shall be eligible for appointment as lecturers in the university and its affiliated colleges. NET/SLET was then not mandatory for university recruitment.

However, the new notification has again put a question mark on the way the university would fill vacant posts of lecturers. According to PUTA, the UGC's decision needs to be advertised to avoid legal complications at a later stage regarding university recruitments, reported Hindustan Times.

The university is presently facing more than 600 court cases regarding recruitments.


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Dr A Kumar
05 Aug 2014

Dear friends can u tell or have any information regarding MHRD concurrence with UGCs notification of its 472 meeting regarding exemption from NET/SLET for those who have registered theirselves before july 2009(from date of UGC notification) and subsequently awarded the PhD degree. It is very serious matter and more than 3 are gone but no decision is there. If anybody have any link or information regarding this matter please forward. One more thing how we can forward our grievances to UGC and MHRD for rapid relief. please also tell.....

Gagandeep Singh
29 Jan 2014

People are saying that there is shortage of eligible candidates so PhD holders are exempted from NET. This is wrong. Why? Because what is wrong is not with the availability of eligible candidates but with the willingness of the government/s for the recruitment of faculty in colleges and universities.
Minimum Criteria for UG Should be NET and For PG NET + PhD. a due attention should be given to the quality of work done in PhD.
Some friends are saying that NET cannot judge you only in 3 hours. I disagree with this also. Because
1. To attempt a single question you require a thorough knowledge of the subject, which at any cost cannot be equated with the course work that PhD people carry out.
2. Every exam in academics is almost of 3 hour duration which judge people and time bound examination is a very important part of our system.
I Would like to recommend that NET should be made more rigorous but once one clear it should not be left to frustrate.

rahul birla
19 Jan 2014

sir , i m persuring my m.teh from sant longowal institute at punjab.after i want to get job in gov institute as a can u tell me what should i do for there any importance of net qualified after is there any importance of high gate scorer to get admission in phd

26 Nov 2013

NET should be removed for the following reason:
Like medical and engineering entrance, Bachelor and Mater degree entrance should be started throughout the country. After the completion of Masters, if somebody interested to take either teaching or research career, they should appear university level entrance exam for M.Phil/PhD admission, Those are only interested in research and teaching, they should be involved in full time research and should be eligible for teaching or research career with sufficient number of publications . NET is just a screening test, it can’t evaluate the candidate’s in-depth knowledge which is required for research and teaching. NET could not improve the teaching standard of the country. M.Phil / PhD and standard publication should be the criteria for the recruitment of Assistant Professor in college and universities. India should follow the international standard for the recruitment of teaching and research faculties in the country.

Dr. D.Isaac Dhinakaran
26 Nov 2013

please consider PhD only. please persons ie with 25 yrs qualified could be considered for lecturer job. Dont make is essential.
Similarly please give equivalent to courses like Biotechnology.Microbiology, and Genetics. as Botany or Zoology. Many Universities Have given approval to these courses but they get opportunities and are not allowed to work as lecturer in Colleges in Tamilnadu and around India

24 Oct 2013

I am NET and SET Qualifier in this 2013 year, but I dont get Job at Govt. aided College?

07 Oct 2013

hai mam/sir i am studying BE[CSE] can i apply for csir-ugc exam pls reply me

08 Aug 2013

Dear all.
I got my PhD degree in developmental biology in January 2009 from a German University. Could you please tell me whether I am eligible to apply for an assistant professor position in any Indian university? I do not have NET/SLET/SET qualification.
Thank you

23 Jul 2013

UGC has done a major mistake by removing requirement of NET for lecturer/ assistant professor. A lot of student acquire PhD degree by unfair means. Doing course work and passing written exam for course work is jost a joke and formality for most of the Indian Universities. So, in my opinion first preference should be given to NET qualified students and in case of non availability of NET qualified candidates, candidates with only PhD degree should be considered. The criteria for appointment of lecturer should be in following order of preference (1) NET+PhD with minimum 2 reputed publication or NET+3 year experience as research fellow with 2 publication in reputed journals (2) Candidates qualifying NET as both JRF and LS (3) Candidates with NET-LS (4) Only PhD

15 Jul 2013

Respected Sir/mam,
I'm doing ME(computer science and engineering) third semester and i want to do phd and also lecturer in engineering can i apply for that?? plz tell me the proper websit.......i'm waiting for ur rpl...

rk sharma
13 Jul 2013

dear sir/mam,
i passed ugc -net 2012 in management with 71.43%,but never got even shortlisted for asst. professor job in institutes applied since then.ONLY REASON IS:non-net pg and phd holders get it through "jugaad".i now feel i have wasted my time in doing pg and qualifying net.though i have my weak area too:i have graduation with third div which violates good academic record marks in public exams are:tenth-78%,HS-66%,Bsc-41%,Msc-71%.MBA-85%.Only one qual i.e. Bsc has spoiled my career and in no way i can improve upon it.why good record needed after passing net when one has already proved his worth.And there are people with good degrees but cannot clear net and these people gherao ugc office for no reason.WHAT I MEAN TO SAY-universities in india do not give uniform some univ ,u can get good marks by studying previous papers.And some are very strict or rather rubbish i would call(like north bengal univ) where even university topper did not have first div in 2011.

05 Jul 2013

I have cleared NET-December 2012 exam. I have received my e-certificate '.pdf' file too but, I am unable to open it even after entering the correct password. I have contacted on '' , but I haven't got any reply till date. What should I do, my career is getting spoiled. Also tell me that do I have to apply for SET exam to join as a lecturer in Pune university?

Chirantan Rawal
28 Jun 2013

What about the ph.d. holders which has registration before 2009 and got degree after 2011. Such Ph.D. holders are not exempted from NET since they have not done the coursework. If coursework is going to make any sense then it can also be organised afterwards as a part in ACS. I think policy makers are not sure with their objectives. If net is ultimate then it should be compulsory at all level i.e. assistant professor, associate professor or Professor. There are many ph.D.. holders without coursework and with good publication. Any rule or regulation should be prospectively not retroprospectively.

sheena gupta
07 Jun 2013

Supreme court may be right in passing the judgementm, but UGC should also raise its standards for conducting examination , In past when it was a subjective assessment everything was under blind fold , no one knew what was happening behind the curatins, but now it came up to objective mode UGC is not able to issue correct answer keys .

19 May 2013

UGC deserves appriciation for granting exemption from NET to pre 2009 Ph .D degee holder for the post of Assistant Professor in colleges and universy . UGC should give publicity to it to awre all Ph .D . degree holders and UGC should conduct all india examination for recruitment for filling college / unvsty . posts like IAS / IPS and prepare common merit list state wise and subject wise and all states should keep merit list supplied by UGC OR UPSC OR by establishing new recruitment commission on like UPSC for transparent selection without interference of politicians etc .in tact untill all the posts of the concerned subject are filled from the merit list due to retirement or other wise to fill all vacant of posts of all states , the ugc/ upsc / recruitment commission shoulld monitor or keep check on states colleges both GOVT and PVT . / UNVSTY . by asking detail of vacancies lying vacant or going to vacant subject wise and who willbe the next candidates . All benefit lshould be given in Pvt . colleges and unvsty . like GOVT. colleges and unvsty in PAY SCALES ETC .

08 Apr 2013

Another funny thing is currently going on at TamilNadu. They straightly giving excemption for Ph.D candididates for the post of Assistant Prof from NET/SET without mentioning anything about UGC's 2009 amendments for Ph.D degree. UGC has clearly specified that for ph.d holders to claim excemption from NET/SET, they should have undergone the regulations of UGC-July-2009 in the process of obtaining their Ph.D. Even universities have introduced these regulations for Ph.D admissions in Jan-2010, no one would have finished that course by now (Apr-2013).
Unless UGC finalizes any appointment made by any university in the country regarding considerations of candidates and their qualifications, these kind of violations/misconceptions (interpreting on their own way though UGC made clear rules and regulations) by individual universities and state governments.

ashok kumar. r
05 Apr 2013

ugc should make rules regarding the appointment of professors and assistant professors clear. our universities keep all the procedures a secret and so the applicants are highly vexed.

29 Mar 2013

The 15% criteria for giving NET certicate for Dec 2012 by UGC is not acceptable. It should be as that of June 2012. How can they change suddenly after one exam only. Any new new rule introduced should be implemented atleast 3-5 years. Those who have cleared in June 2012 are lucky and as organization of reputation they cannot favour any one.UGC should follow the criteria for declaring NET as it was done in June 2o12 and should follow and if they want to change it should be done after 3-5 years.

11 Mar 2013

Is this NET/SET really a meaningfull exam to take up?
Every time when NET exams are announced lakhs of aspirants with lots of hope, appearing for it. Does all those who clear it (though the pass percentage is very very less and even zero in many disciplines) would get jobs in government colleges? Surely no. Whether the private institutions aborb these people with UGC pay scale? no. Then what is the purpose of crushing the candidates brain to prepare and try to hit this examination. UGC makes crores of rupees in the name of examination fees by conductiong these examinations.

UGC must insist the private institutions and enforce the rules that people with this qualification only must be allowed to be appointed for teaching. Shamefully even government colleges and universities are not following UGC's ammendments. In the name of contract lecturers, they appoint people with a mere P.G qualification and take that experience into account for regular postings.

None of the state governments have implemented UGC's recommendations while appointing Asst.Prof's and they interpret UGC's rules on their own way. What a funny system?

06 Mar 2013

Is it necessary for science n engg) ppl to take net exam for lecturer post? Pls reply for my question.

15 Feb 2013

please tell me about physical education details of senior college and junior college appointment rule and regulation details on my email id i have done my M.PHIL IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION.

lots of thanks

Jinto Paul
04 Jan 2013

Recently, one of the universities in Kerala has issued an order for providing NET exception for MTech degree holders in Computer Science and Electronics. This is completely againist UGC regulations. The order was little funny because university says there is no NET exam for Computer Science and Electronics. The university didnt know about the subject codes 89 & 88 and what is it. The recommendation came from academic council of that university. How they could took this type of decision even many people who have NET in Computer Science and Electronics waiting for the teaching post in colleges. As per new AICTE rule, anyone did ME/MTech after MSc (CS/Ele)/MCA is not eligible for teaching position in engineering colleges in the same time BTech+MTech people are eligible (as per that university) to teach in science colleges. What a contradiction in those rules.

Mrs. Jayanthi
18 Dec 2012

The stand of the UGC was clear at least by this time.But the fact is different from the rule. In many colleges and deemed universities ,as well, the selection was not made according to this rule. They prefer non NET qualified candidates because they can pay less. As per the above discussion I too agree that the criteria for eligibility should be NET/SLET and there can be increments for Ph.D/ M.Phil. Because I hope that many academicians would agree that according to our system now-a-days the easiest degree to get is Ph.D. Though all us discuss about course work I think qualifying entrance exams for Ph.D and further course works are still more not worth considering as there are issues in those as well. It is only when UGC start cancelling approvals for courses having non-eligible candidates in affiliated colleges and deemed universities NET/SLET would be given due weight age. Will UGC start considering this as serious issue? When we say NET is a qualifying exam and it is conducted twice a year spending so much of money like UPSC it should be given due respect and weight age.I feel this should be the issue of dignity to a body like UGC which regulates the system of higher education in a big country like India.

Dr Arjun Y Pangannavar
15 Dec 2012

Any Tom, Dick and Harry is getting UGC scales in colleges. The state governments have following their own appointment and promotion rules by amending UGC conditions. Most he teachers and their associations are much interested in getting more UGC salary and monetory benefits but they least interested in improvement of their own teaching level, curriculum redesign, exam improvements etc. In most of the higher educational institutions still 60-70 years old sullabus has been teaching and the currents students are answering the questions that were answered by their teachers when they were students. Only few teachers are busy in research activities but they are treated par with the teacher who are interested on in huge-salary and benefits. We are in the global market so the product produced by these institution should acceptable in the global market as well as useful to the nation in verious respect, building of a new prosperous, healthy and peaceful India. It would be better to undertake higher educational institutions by UGC through setting them free from Stata Govts.

Dr.Anand Kar
10 Dec 2012

Ph. D and M. Phil are research based degrees and the main parameter of research output is quality publication. Therefore the Ph.D /M.Phil degree holders without publication have no value. So why to give so much importance on these degrees. It is better to see NET qualification, research publications and teaching skill only for Assistant professor and last two criteria for two higher acdemic posts (Assoc. prof .and Professor posts). Let UGC to understand that it is only research output that will keep us in the list of top universities of the world. Otherwise we may further slip below top 200.
Prof. A. Kar

Prof. C. Namasivayam
10 Dec 2012

It is high time that the UGC has clarified clear cut guide lines for the recruitment of lecturers in univ/colleges. Is Net/SET mandatory or not for those who possess PhD? I find that in some univ that the course work for PhD program is not mandatory. In that case, such candidates are not eligible for Lecturer's post according to UGC. Then what is the fate of the PhD holders who did not undergo course work??? All these need answers from UGC. This will really help the selection committees for recruiting Lecturers.
My suggestions: the Eligibility for univ Lecturer should be PhD + NET/SET and for college Lecturer, MPhil +NET/SET, irrespective of the year of completion of MPhil/PhD, since MPhil/PhD degrees obtained by some candidates are not worth even for a single publication in a standard journal.

08 Dec 2012

I think NET/SET should be the criteria for lecturership. getting Ph.D was easy before the new rules , there fore, for Ph.D holder before 2009 NET/SET should be compulsory, and if goverment thinks Ph.D is equal to NET /SET then, NET qualified candidates should considered equal to Ph.D and should be given equal weightage in all feilds including research. I think gov. should not dillute our education system by considering a Ph.D as a qualifing degree for lecturership, corrupted people have made a business of education system, atleast in this system teachers should be well qualified and not with a degree that can be easily obtained by pleasing the guide.

Prof. N. U. KHAN
06 Dec 2012

I hope Sense will prevail at UGC and MHRD to review the eligibility for Assistant Professor and do not behave like British Raj. The UGC circular was introduced during 2009/2010, therefore the candidates who were even registered for Ph.D upto 2009-2010 should be exempted from NET/SLET. You can not apply rules with retrospective effect.

06 Dec 2012

It is necessary for educationists to raise voice against DEC which has no legal or any other authority to regulate distance education of other universities and thereby prevent the spread of higher education, It is also an underhand method to compel all students who cannot get admission in campus colleges to go to IGNOU only. This is in violation of the Indian constitution. DEC is a creature of IGNOU Act and can only regulate IGNOU distance education system. The Ministry of HRD has repeatedly refused to give DEC any statutory authority and Parliament has passed n o law mandating DEC any national regulatory role. The new HRD Minister should immediately clarify this aspect for knowledge of thousands of students desirous of pursuing higher education through distance education mode. Also why should professional people be denied to enhance their qualification through distance education merely due to incorrect assumption of authority by DEC?

Sadhan Muklherjee

06 Dec 2012

NET - became laughing point. UGC itself has no clear idea about it. it gives lot of exemptions to the candidates. Again puts certain conditions.

dinesh kumar chitriv
05 Dec 2012

i think that now, ugc would not be change again this criteria for lectureship in college for this i pray to god. in these days phd degree is easier to obtain then net/slet. and one funny fact i want to say that in govt. colleges M.Phil degree holders get teaching job and two extra increments in assist. prof. job without net/slet, but net/slet qualified candidates only eligible for job not for advanced increment in salary what a joke....

dinesh kumar chitriv
05 Dec 2012

i think that now, ugc would not be change again this criteria for lectureship in college for this i pray to god. in these days phd degree is easier to obtain then net/slet. and one funny fact i want to say that in govt. colleges M.Phil degree holders get teaching job and two extra increments in assist. prof. job without net/slet, but net/slet qualified candidates only eligible for job not for advanced increment in salary what a joke....

Dr. A Singh
05 Dec 2012

I feel there is some politics going on this issue in UGC. While the above circular is dated Oct 10 but interestingly highlighted only recently, on the other hand commision meeting held on Oct 22 (489th meeting) approved NET exemtion for PhD holders as recommended by MHRD standing committee. If commision/MHRD is not settled on issue yet, what is the need of the above mentioned notice being circulated before any final decision is taken, which probably is on the way. Why responsible people creat this confusion?? Please see below the links for details.

Dr.Anand Kar
05 Dec 2012

I think UGC should come out with a clear statement. As this circular has/had been floated after 2009/2010, the candidates who were even registered for Ph.D by that time( say before 2010) should be exempted from NET/SLET. At best they should be asked to undergo some course work. Of course to appoint academically sound candidates, all other criteria(API score and teaching skill) should be strictly followed by all the universities.
Dr. Anand Kar

Professor Bhaskar Joshi
05 Dec 2012

While I agree with Ramesh Kumar, I feel that NET qualification should be essential irrespective of whether a candidate has a PhD degree or not. These days it is easier to get a PhD degree than qualifying NET or even getting a good Master's degree. Consistantly good academic record at four important stages - matriculation, pre-university, bachelor and maste's degree - plus NET clearance be made essential. Candidate with "research degrees" may be given incentives. Linking research degree with employment /promotion will further down grade the quality of research in this country. Research should persued for intellectual gratification. And whoever does good research should be given support and incentives for progress.

Ramesh Kumar
05 Dec 2012

It makes me laugh, the UGC keeps changing this condition of qualifying NET. In future they may again remove this condition for dubious reasons. This has become a joke.