MHRD asks VCs of 4 Central Universities to develop National Ranking System

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Vice Chancellors of four Central Universities have been asked by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to develop National Ranking System.

The working group has been asked to submit its report within one month. The decision was taken during the two-day retreat of the Vice Chancellors of Central Universities with the Union Minister of HRD, Smriti Irani.  

The working Group will comprise of Vice Chancellors of English and Foreign Languages University, University of Delhi, Central University of Gujarat and Jawaharlal Nehru University was constituted for developing a framework for the National Ranking System.

All the Central Universities were also requested to complete their NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council) accreditation or reaccreditation (as the case may be) as per time frame given by UGC in its Regulation. 

UGC will take up the matter with NAAC for opening the Regional Centers to expedite the process of accreditation.


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National ranking system must include the ranking by subject.....regional ranking as well as national ranking. The ranking of private...public....and autonomous institutions should consider the aspects of funding for research...faculty strength...teacher student Of international collaborations...NAAC status etc. Ranking merely on the basis of citation of papers may be research output depends on various factors such as operational hurdles in utilizing external grants etc. Esp. In public institutions in India. It is also misleading to compare a medical college or an IIT or iim ( that have the status of a deemed university ) with other big universities like panjab university, Delhi Univ, Pune Univ etc

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This is a very welcome move since we must have Indian academic parameters to evaluate the performance of the institutions giving them all a level playing field. Here while evaluating research, far more weightage should be given to those works which have attempted to solve or solved any national problem (howsoever small) and such researchers must be highly recognized and celebrated. There has to be a message across the nation that research does not mean publication of papers, but definitely in addressing the national problems. I am sure with this message a change in national thinking may emerge across the country and people will refrain from doing research only for publication. Publication of book is another useful criterion which needs to be considered.

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