Medical, Engineering courses craze will subside: Narayana Murthy

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The Chairman Emeritus of Infosys N R Narayana
Murthy has said that the craze for Medical and Engineering courses among Indian
students will subside when the country becomes developed.

"India is a poor country. There are a
lot of uneducated persons in this country, no proper drinking water (in many
areas) and there is unemployment problem. Everyone wants to get jobs after
completing their courses," Murthy said.

He said that in developed countries students
are pursuing programmes in different streams as their primary aim after study
is not procuring a job. He said once India would become developed, the current
trend would change, "When the country becomes developed, there will be a
reverse of this present situation," he said while releasing the Malayalam
translation of his book 'A Better India, A Better World”.

During his interaction with students, he said
India was second to none. “What needed to be done for youngsters and the coming
generation was to create an environment that enhanced the enthusiasm of the students
and get the cooperation of the central and state governments and corporate
leaders,” he said. 

[Source: Economic Times]


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I do not agree with the hypothesis.

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India to be fully developed and called as "developed nation" needs a revolution and time of atleast 10-15 Years. Today we need to cater for "health for all" and we need talented doctors and we need to build infrastructure in villages and we need brilliant engineers atleast until India has " Developed Status" but that is only when Villages develop to that status. The time frame then will be 15 Years. It's not a craze but necessity today to have talented people in enginerring and medical sector and demand continues

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I wish Dr Narayana Murthy,s statement regarding craze for Medical & Engineering courses comes true. In this country there is absolutely no correlation between supply and demand. The statutory body viz. MCI goes on permitting new Medical Colleges without considering whether they are needed or not. In the bargain private Medical Colleges indulge in unethical practices to satisfy MCI. It is an atrocious situation.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

i wish narayanamurty's wish will be realised. its time parents must think about this unnecessaru craze. atleast 80% of the professional colleges are not well equipped with qualified faculty or good laboratories.

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enforce the law strictly, remove or reduce the corruption, remove reservation and provide the needy all amenities to enable them to become only competant, then things almost fall in line to get into a shape of developed nation.

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strict enforcement of the law/rules, remove or reduce reservation and corruption and provide the needy only to mould them as one among competant population and the things will fall in line to get in to shape of a developed nation.

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