Kerala IT@School's program channel ViCTERS Live goes online
07 Jan 2011

IT@School ViCTERS - the complete educational channel of Government of Kerala has gone live on the project’s website from January 1, 2011. The program has incorporated Video Streaming technology, which would enable students, teachers and general public to watch the channel ‘LIVE’ through internet from any part of the world. ViCTERS would be available ‘Live’ in the website and entire programmes telecast in the channel from 6am to 11pm could be viewed. 

Explaining about the benefits of ViCTERS, K.Anvar Sadath, Executive Director- IT@School and ViCTERS – Live said “Apart from the Live viewing of ViCTERS using the new technology, students would also be able to select their specific choice of programs through facilities like ‘Video on Demand’ which is proposed to be implemented this year itself”.

The upgradation of the channel would benefit lakhs of students in the state as well as those in Lakswadeep and Gulf region who studies the State syllabus. The new technology enables the viewing of the channel through an internet connection with a minimum data speed of 150Kbps which most of the broadband internet connections provide. The students could view ViCTERS using a computer or a laptop in their classrooms or computer labs. Students could also pick their favorite programs of the week since the programme schedule is published in the website a week in advance.  

ViCTERS (Virtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools) is the only channel in the State to air specific curriculum based programmes, International programmes on Science and Technology prepared by Deutsche Welle- the German broadcaster and BBC, Classic Indian Films produced by NFDC etc. The channel which was available to students and public through Receive Only Terminals initially was made available through almost all local cable and DTH networks and the popularity of the channel is always on the rise.

On extending ViCTERS Live to other states of the country, Sadath said “Currently we are in receipt of requests from other states also for availing the educational contents which are aired through ViCTERS, which could be dubbed to the respective regional languages.  It is also proposed to air specific educational contents including latest Information Technology trends details which are produced in English through ViCTERS channel, a process which would target the national audience that would ultimately benefit the entire nation”.


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very nice

05 May 2011

i am very happy to participate on with you

11 Jan 2011

The link is available in the first paragraph

Koshy Ninan
10 Jan 2011

you could have given the link of victers