Indian education needs govt oversight: Harvard Prof

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Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner has said that in a nation like
India government oversight should be there in education. He is in India for
three-week trip to schools, NGOs and public institutions.

believe that countries where the population is in millions like India, there
should be a government oversight of educational institutes. In countries like
India there should be more of public institutions and a government oversight of
institutions is necessary," said Gardner speaking at a press meet in

“With the
increase of private players in educational system everywhere in the world,
Gardner said that government needs to think of how to make public education
attractive,” he added.

He also
emphasized that India should learn from the mistakes of other countries, it's
not just about getting into IITs. According to him, Finland has the best
education system in the world. He also suggested that uniform assessment should
be followed only for a difficult selection process like for the IITs and not

His advice
to educators in India, 'If a student is doing well, do not waste time on
him/her. Multiple intelligences become important when a child has learning
problems. Educators need to be good observers, set up learning centres with
different materials, talk to parents, observe students with friends, watch as
children navigate the classroom, if they are ritualistically repeating selves
it is a danger sign.'

Times of India]




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I appreciate the concern shown by Prof. Howard Gardner. We need to seriously review our processes and controls and redesign if necessary.

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