India’s annual growth of research publication is 13-15%: Jaipal Reddy

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“The annual growth of the number of research publications
emanating from India is about 13-15% lately which is an encouraging number,”
said Union Minister for Science and Technology Jaipal Reddy. The minister however
added that the real challenge is in the conversion of such knowledge into
products of commercial value to the industrial users.

“Our knowledge institutions (IISc, IITs, IISERs and
Universities) are creating intellectual properties in the form of papers in
peer valued scientific journals. But our industries need reliable source of
modern technologies which could offer them intellectual properties with
commercialization potentials. While our public funded R&D systems are busy
publishing papers, the industries are searching for technologies for
commercialization,” he said while launching doctoral research programme.

He called for a model build on sustainable relationships
between our researchers, technologists and end users in manufacturing,
agriculture and service sectors.

“We need an eco system where educational institutions attach
equal emphasis on both understanding and applications of knowledge, industries
and enterprises dare to invest into breakthrough innovations and explore new
markets in global economy. Trust amongst all stakeholders and realization of
their respective complimentary roles is the building block of such
relationships,” he added.

Stressing on the need of wise investment in into research
and innovations, he said that it is much needed for India to join the elite league
of developed nations.

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