IIM-Ahmedabad links research to annual faculty appraisals

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In a bid to motivate the faculty to do quality research, the
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad has put in place a new performance
measurement system in which research will be given as much weightage as
teaching in the annual appraisals of its faculty.

Earlier, research and related activities were considered
only for promotions or for confirming teachers on probation. An IIM-A faculty
is allowed to spend 53 days in a year for advisory and consulting work, which
generates revenues for the institute.

"Research has become our main focus now. When the
institute was set up (in 1961), India was nowhere in the global academic
community. Also, nobody in the world was interested in India. The situation has
changed. We now work with global organisations that have huge interest in
Indian issues," said Ajay Pandey, dean (faculty) at IIM-A.

Faculty members will now need to do more research and get
their work published in various journals, domestic as well as international.
"If any research work is published in a top international journal, the
faculty member would get higher credits. If a faculty member exceeds
expectations, he will get higher credits, this will help them in their
career," Pandey added. 

IIM-A has to focus on research if it wants to be one of the
world's top five institutes, said Nayan Parikh, president of IIM-A Alumni
Association (Ahmedabad Chapter). "Research will also increase industry

IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Calcutta have already stepped up
emphasis on research. The former gave approximately 50% emphasis to research in
faculty appraisals last year and the latter has allowed faculty to do more
research and less teaching if they so desire.

In 2010-2011, IIM-A faculty members published 19 books, six
monographs, 57 journal articles, 25 book chapters and 103 articles in
periodicals and dailies. The faculty also wrote 140 cases during the year for
use in various courses.

The faculty, research staff and doctoral students of the
institute also wrote 47 working papers, presented 159 papers and gave 121
lectures at various conferences and seminars. The institute is still compiling
the data of research work for the year 2011-12.

However, it is to be noted that while the number of students
in the institute has almost doubled in the past few years the number of faculty
has not increased. IIM-A has around 85 faculty members and has been trying to
increase it to 120 for the past few years.

[Source: Economic Times]


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Once again a great comment on IIM Faculty Members, this time by themselves; may be due to feeling called repentance. They are now expected to make an observation about the fact that why students groomed by them lack value and ethos. These students can keep running behind you for kilometers without any complaint, if you are holding green back in your hand. Perhaps the IIM Faculty suffers from Myopia and is thus unable to differentiate between economic growth and economic development.
Basically they are running and sweating for what is 'urgent' in place of 'what is important'. I hope any academician, who does not belong to institutions who are just busy selling any and every thing [by building on theories and practices created mostly by the fraternity that aims for economic development with value system intact], neither aims to be a part of them, can for sure understand the difference.
Anyway, it's good whenever and wherever you wake up and take corrective path. I appreciate them for self-realization and expect they will maintain the tempo. They could go for capacity building in Universities like JNU, BHU, AU, MU etc for getting fresh orientation towards research.
I would like to mention further, that the [IIM Faculty Members] teaching load for faculty was even less than 100 contact hour in 365 day, now as accepted they were not performing on research front too [though academic fraternity was aware of it], I wonder what were they doing and for what are they being paid.
Hope now I will witness something development oriented, which probably at some point of time I may like to share with them and even learn. Comments have been made in general and not to hurt sentiments of any individual or prestige of any institution.

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