HRD Ministry sends final notice to 44 deemed universities

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The Human Resource Development Ministry has sent final notices to the 44 deemed universities that were found “unworthy” of the tag by P.N. Tandon review panel. Centre has asked all these universities to give a satisfactory explanation on the deficiencies pointed out by the review panel. Many of these universities have inadequate infrastructure and faculty and do not qualify for the deemed university status. This is the last chance for these institutes to retain their 'deemed university' status.

A source in the human resource ministry said the institutes had been issued notices and asked to submit within two weeks their views on each of their deficiencies pointed out by the four-member P.N. Tandon committee.

“Notices have been issued to the 44 deemed universities which have been found unworthy by the Tandon committee. They have been asked to comment on each of the deficiencies pointed out by the committee. They will submit their reports within two weeks,” said the source.

The source informed that the HRD Ministry will review the replies of these universities separately and then form its own view on what action to take.

The ministry sent formal notifications to the institutes almost a fortnight after the Centre agreed to reconsider the fate of the 44 and gave an undertaking to the Supreme Court that it would send individual notices to the institutes, grant them personal hearing and an opportunity for further representation.

The final decision on these institutes will be taken by the Supreme Court on May 3, 2011.

[Source: The Telegraph]


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The efforts of the HRD Ministry are laudable. I am sure if stringent criteria are insisted upon and objectively evaluated, our Higher Eductaion Systems will improve. The objkective of the HRD Ministry should be more towards Corrective Action rather than Punitive Action, since all those Universities have any way been started with UGC Teams going through the Facilities, Infrastructure, Faculty etc. Well done HRD Ministry!

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These kinds of moves are good for improving the quality. Because there should not be any kind of compromise on quality and standard in the education system. The country’s strength is only the youth. They should be given good education and training. But we need to make sure whether such regulating bodies are firm on issue of such notices.

The government run institutions should also be under the scanner of the regulating bodies. These regulating bodies should look into such institutions not only just on the data provided by the institutions. There should not be any difference in treatment for private or public institutions. In fact public institutions should be the role model for other institutions.

Another thing is how these Universities have got the Approval to issue degrees without meeting the standards and quality. Sudden termination of Universities may affect the students, and teachers/staff working there. I think the explanation need to be sort from the experts who have approved such Universities. These kinds of chaos are due to the blender and planned mistakes of such experts and the mistakes are not realized at that time but realized after long time. So the experts escape from all these issues. The experts in the future need to know that they are answerable and they should not work under the political or other pressures. They should work for the people and the country.

The society should also cooperate with the fair regulating bodies and should not link the education system with politics. The results and impacts of good regulation may be seen only in the long run.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

This is a long awaited and welcome step indeed!
I request the Hon. HRD Minister to kindly make the list of these 44 Deemed Universities public, so that people don't get trapped with them anymore.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

These 44 deemed university only for UG courses not for PG and Ph.D Research courses. All Research scholar of all these 44 deemed university must transfer to state/central govt. university for better research value added degree. neither they have Ph.D faculty in most of 44 deemed university

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The Deemed universities employ the retired professors form State Universities whose research output (like publication of papers and Ph.D. completed , etc) were shown as if produced in the Deemed Universities.The support of State and Central Government is conveniently not revealed.
The UGC should take this into their consideration in the evaluation of these universities.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

For all deemed private universities, the following things shoild be implemented.
1. Part time degrees should not be allowed and correspondence course also
2. Only post graduate and research degress only allowed not ug courses like be/BTech
3. Compliance report should be posted on the website main page which includes Correct faculty details such as specialisation of study for all the degrees after +2 (H.SC) and date of joining salary promotons etc. Aicte should monitor the faculty qualification and it hs to post the details in their website for all deemed universities about who are all the faculties are eligible according to norms
4. Only eligible faculties according to norms should be appointed.
5. There should be a monitoring authority for every 10 deemed universities all over the world which moniters the all facilities available and norms
6. fACULTY details should be given department wise not school wise.
7. if any instititution is not having sufficiant phd's they should not offer any phd degree in that departmrnts
All these should be stirictly monitered otherwise there is no meaning of allowing deemed universities in india. all deemed status can be withdrawn for all ins titutions irrespective of wether in A, B or last 44 , c group

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

i m presently studying in 3rd year,,,,,,,,,,,,i m worried that the institution in which i am studying has not yet been included in maher which might be approved by the hrd,,,,,,,,,,,,what horrifies me is that ifthe sword of damocles is hanging over the head of maher,,,,,,,,,,,,,what could happen to mufet
maher-meenakshi academy of higher education and research
mufet-meenakshi univ. faculty of engg. and tech.

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There is no need of extra universities. Quality should be maintained.
The government should put strict rules and regulations so that students of all deemed universities should pass eligibility test conducted by the UGC to confirm the standard of the students

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

the govt.have given notice to the private deemed universities but what about the NIT,manipur where no facilities are given ,no lab ,no teachers,no playground,no wifi,and many more than also govt. is not taking any action.and i think the media have also no time for flashing these thinga i think they are afraid of politician.

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