Guest lecturers in Karnataka demand pay hike

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The guest lecturers in Karnataka are miffed by the strange claim made by the state government that shows the salary of guest lecturers to be Rs 10, 000 per month as oppose to the real sum of Rs. 5, 000. A state government advertisement has claimed that 4,972 guest lecturers in government colleges across Karnataka are getting Rs 10,000 per month. But the federation of guest lecturers in government degree colleges disagree. The federation now plans to ask the government to hike the pay of the guest lecturers as advertised by the state education department.

"We are getting Rs 5,000 per month and that too, only for nine months. This amount is paid to us in lump sum at the end of the year," says Vanith Kumar, state secretary of the federation.

The federation has now decided to raise the issue with the CM and the higher education minister by submitting memorandums through the respective DCs.

Vanith has said that the plight of thousands of guest lecturers is bad and on top of it all such misleading advertisements released by the higher education department in the name of achievements of the state government is absolutely unacceptable.

 "Even V S Acharya, minister for higher education who assured that our problems would be addressed when the guest lecturers staged an indefinite dharna, has not reverted with a concrete plan of action," he said.

Other demands that the federation is focussing on include reminding the state government to honour its word of regularising the services of guest lecturers who have been serving since 2005. The state government, as per UGC norms, should increase the wages of guest lecturers to Rs 20,000 per month and pay it each month too. The higher education department must pay the guest lecturers Rs 10,000 from April 2010 as claimed by them in the advertisement, the federation demanded.

[Source: Times of India]


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Really it is very difficult to digest the condition of part time lecturers in karnataka. I had the worst experience as a part time lecturer. In Karnataka part time lecturers are working as like as full time lecturer but their work is considered as part time. This is unjustice to pay small amount to part time lecturers. Compare to govt. colleges the condition of part time lecturers who are working in private institutes is very bad. The people who are talking about quality of education are not thinking about the worst condition of part time lecturers. Because it happens only in India.

Submitted by L.R.Rana on

This is the clear cut case of exploitation of educated youth. Karnataka C.M. must consider the demand of part time lecturers sympathetically.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Minimum pay for the teachers is 30000 rupees per month. AT this pay they will be called pro-term lecturers. There is no post LECTURER now, Why Supreme Court doesnt issue arrest warrents against the officials who engage teachers at Rs. 8000 or so. My request to those who safeguard constitution, please direct the District Megistrates to arrest people who employ teachers below thirty thousand per month.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

All Vice-Chancellors and Principals are responsible for this crime and must direct their subordinates to direct all departments / colleges that minimum pay is Rs. 30,000/- per month. Also all must be directed that taking money back in form of black money from teachers before they get salary check, or keeping the ATM of teacher is a crime and pubishable under law. Pata nahin apna Desh kab jagega. But I am sure Jagega zaroor.

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