Government revises PhD scholarship rates
14 Dec 2010

Government has revised the rates  of  Ph.D. Scholarship  in  AICTE funded  and  centrally  funded  technical  institutions  under  the  Ministry of  Human Resource  Development. All the students pursuing Ph.D. Programmes Junior Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow are entitled to receive the revised amount of fellowships.

Scholars with graduate Degree in Professional Courses (BE/ B. Tech or equivalent) and GATE or equivalent qualification 1st & 2nd year will receive Rs. 16, 000 per month as stipend. Those with Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences (MSc or equivalent) and NET qualified will now get Rs. 18, 000 per month till 5th year. Earlier, it was 14,000 for third and fourth year. While for fifth year it was 15,000. While, students who hold M.E. / M. Tech degree or equivalent will get Rs. 18, 000 instead of Rs. 14, 000 for the first and second year. While the third and fourth year candidates will get Rs. 20, 000  in place of the 15, 000. The revised fellowship is also applicable to government aided Institutions funded by AICTE & UGC.

However, no salary grant  or  any  other  salary  grant  would  be  given  to  any  of  the  institutes implementing this scheme. The fellowship will not be granted to sponsored  and  self-  financed  category  of  students  including  those  in receipt of  any other similar assistantships/  scholarship/  fellowship. The fellowship applies to scholars on the basis of GATE scores above the prescribed cut-off level. B.Tech  graduates  from  the  IITs  getting  a CGPA  score of  8 or  above  (on scale of  10) would also be entitled to the assistantship without having to appear in GATE.

The local institution should review the performance of the fellow after two years through an appropriate review Committee constituted by the Head of the Institution. The fellowship in the slab after 2 years of research experience may be provided after successful assessment by this review Committee.


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12 Nov 2013

I have passed B.Sc (Computer Science) from Bharathidasan University and further passed MSc in Advanced Computer Science from University of Leicester, UK. Am I eligible for doing my Ph.D in Indian Universities?

Shelja Sharma
12 Nov 2013

Dear all, I have just joined phd in Panjab University, chandigarh. I am post graduate in M.Sc Chemistry. I have qualified GATE 2013. Am i eligible to get GATE scholarship? IF yes, how do i get that?

narendra n wadaskar
09 May 2013

how can i get the fund /scholarship for fabrication of my Ph.D project from nagpur university. because i need near about 1 lakh to fabricate this project

29 Aug 2012

What is the fellowship for phd students in central universities? Is there any hike?

Anuradha singh
19 Jun 2012

sir let me know that A candidate who is having only how much stipend she will get according to mhrd latest rules and who have got admitted in year 2012.........

05 Mar 2012


nirav shah
15 Jan 2012

dear all, i have just joined phd course in department of chemistry saurashtra university, rajkot(gujarat).I HAVE NOT CLEARED NET EXAMINATION yet. So as per ugc rule, did i get any emolument or fellowship in my phd.
i am trying to make major research project for csir or dst, then if the project pass then how much emolument/fellowship i will get as i am not cleared NET examination.
Please send me your answers at my email id as soon as possible.

kind regards
shah nirav

Vinod Kumar
29 Dec 2011

Non-Net fellowship for full time Ph.D. students must meet in proper time it will help them for completing their research work without of any mental pressure about expenditures and high rate of fees in universities.

parasnath jaiswal
19 Aug 2011

his a very good move by our Government to encourage students to pursue research.


J.U. Ahmed
16 Aug 2011

This is a very positive step for enhancing the higher education

Dr.G.Mohan Narasimha Rao
04 Jun 2011

Decision by Govt. for enhancement of the fellowship is welcoming, but there are so many Ph.D scholars doing their research with out any financial assistance. There will be a disparity among the scholars for basic needs. Another important matter is employment, there are no immediate jobs for Ph.D holders in our country. Not only enhancement of fellowship, Govt. should take the active role to get the proper employment after Ph.D

26 Apr 2011


DR C. P. S. Chauhan
11 Apr 2011

It is good to give selected talented and motivated students a handsome amount as scholarship for conducting research. This will help attract students of high intellectual caliber towards research as a career. However, giving a small amount to large number of students for pursuing Ph.D. will not give desired results. UGC's scheme of providing for Rs. 5000 for all admitted Ph.D. students in all Central Universities does not appear to be a well thought out scheme. It will result in a heavy wastage of public funds and lead to "inflation of degrees but no research".

Prof. Khanindra Pathak
09 Apr 2011

This a very good move by our Government to encourage students to pursue research. We hope that good students will get induced to academic jobs. This will to certain extent may attract better candidates for research positions. However, many a times we may not get deserving candidates to undertake PhD research and many teachers because of the requirements of producing doctorate for his own promotion may happen to work for the research scholars to award them a degree!

We also need new policy and system to get people with industrial experience to carry out research while working in the industry and a system to avail participation of such persons in academic activities. This is existing even now, however, only by individual efforts. Good individual efforts if found to yield long term benefits and serve the Nation, should be institutionalized through appropriate directives and move by the proper authorities. Good institutions should also have a system of evaluating self guided research thesis of established experts working in the industry or research institutions for the award of PhD.

Dr. Anil Kumar
09 Apr 2011

This is good announcement to attract talented folk in higher studies. It would be great if link to official announcement can be provided in such anouncements.

Dr. C. R. Gautam, Department of Physics, University of Luckn
01 Apr 2011

Enhancement in Ph. Scholarship is realy a welcome able step. This decision will attract the younger and dynamic students towards research and development for our nation.

Dr Subodh Kumar Maiti
22 Mar 2011

The policy is good for attarcting meretorious students. Is it not sometimes students get the benifits of felloship and later on left the Ph.D after end of 4th year? How to control it? They may left for even after the end of 2nd year

Ravi Saxena
17 Mar 2011

Its nice to see that the Government has started taking pains for the salary-hike of college or university teachers. If the system in India expects good and great minds to come into the fields of Teaching or Research, they should be first guaranteed that they will be well paid. Bhookhe pet bhajan na hoe !!

Prof. A.P. Mishra
09 Mar 2011

Ph.D.scholarship hike is a good decision in favour of Basic Sciences students;

Ravi Saxena
23 Feb 2011

The peacemeal progress in appointing the permanent faculty in various Educational Institutions of India is a very obvious reflection of Govt.'s apathy towards education and educationists !!God save this nation where the a educated person is holding the highest governing post, but ineligible to perform good to the nation, especially in the field of Education. Hope things improve soon !!

23 Feb 2011


The amount will be given to scholars in basic sciences only.

Rasmita Mohanty
23 Feb 2011

In view of the news dated:14th December 2010 bearing the head lines"Govt Revises PhD Scholarship rates" with the line "Those with Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences (MSc or equivalent) and NET qualified will now get Rs. 18, 000 per month till 5th year", I would like to say that this is absolutely a nice step by the Govt. to encourage the research activity within the country. But the confusion is whether the Govt. will provide an amount of Rs 18000 to the scholars having NET only in basis sciences or in all the disciplines!

Dr. Moorthy Muthukrishnan
09 Feb 2011

It is a great news for research scholars who have been struggling to make ends meet during their Ph.D. program. Many of them had to make a choice between high-paying corporate jobs and doing Ph.D. Hopefully the increase in scholarship will attract meritorious students to do Ph.D.

P. Neelameham
27 Jan 2011

Good news for research scholar.
In that circular it is the announcement for BE and ME candidates. Nnothing was mentioned abou those who have Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences (MSc or equivalent)with valid GATE score without NET qualified. Are they eligible for Ph.D.? If yes, what will be the fellowship?

P. Neelameham.

JC David
27 Jan 2011

India Education is bringing valuable information for the Library professionals. I thank the group who are sending me this articles.

With regards,
JC David, Chief Librarian,
DSCE, Bangalore-78

24 Jan 2011

The hike in scholarship is wise decision. But how many scholars are dedicated themselves in research in engineering and How many faculty members have published reputed articles in journals from engineering colleges and institutions. Engineering colleges and institutions knew how to hike fee and not standards of students. It is unfortunate to say that tequip programme is misused by engineering colleges. By purchasing high cost instruments and not publishing at least 10 papers in five years by reputed engineering colleges is meaningless. But we have them in the side of Engineering institutions.

Adil sarwar
24 Jan 2011

What about Phd's from central universities? Are they also going to increase?

20 Jan 2011

HRD Ministry now asking for Director's post for NITs, when the process will be complete? Till then who will take care of the routine duties like internal promotions etc, is there any guidelines by the HRD ministry

Rajkumar V Kulkarni, Librarian SNMC Bagalkot
13 Jan 2011

Changes in pay scale of Ph.D scholars is a good decision. By this decision research activities in India should be increased. But Indian education system needs a fruitful result from the research of our universities. Monitory expenditure on research should not become waste.

07 Jan 2011

i am happy to gothrough the changes in the pay scales for 10% of professor in univ/colleges will be moved to 67000/- n no GP what about the principal's scale in engg colleges he is rwaing less pay than that of polytechinc principals e.g the qualifications for ploy rpin today it otherwise in 5th pay it was only whereas in case of engg colleges it is 15 years exp n ph.d is compulsary, see the differnce in qualifications n exp still also he is drawing the same as that of poly. anoother e.g is poly rpn. who is n now completed in service he will be getting two increments n who willbe many times the student of engg college princ. both were batchements but here in case of degree college he has jined after completing his ph.d spending 6 years more than that poly n gaining more knowlodge n losing the moetray benefits also spent his father's money during his studies n now his father asks him how come u r drawing less than your students.
secondly agian he registers for his ph.d degree under the princ. n gets his degree after 4-5 years and hie will be getting nother four increments will eb added in his pay but whereas the guide is getting nil in all the cases this is fun of ugc/aicte/the mhrd how they r treating the head of insttn. it is very shameful to say in the society the act made by the so called leaned persons and also the commission of pay fixation. third e.g is that of schorships to pg/ph.d students in m.e/ courses is higher than that of convetional courses reason is same but the salary of the head of instt. is less than that of the princ. of convetional courses see this fun made by the ugc/aicte/mhrd.
noe hopethat they will look into the amse n rectify immediately n issue the order/n directions to allthe secretaries of the state govt. in this regard.

Dr. D.P.Tewari
06 Jan 2011

This is nice decision. Congratulations to all policy decision makers.
Dr. D.P.Tewari
Professor & Head
Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology
University of Lucknow

Mr. Goldin R. Bennet
03 Jan 2011

When BSNL had monopoly, did it ever think of reducing the call rate? Now after just 10 years of private sector involvement, the call rate is 60 paise/minute – that too on a mobile phone.

The same revolution will happen in the higher education field – in quality and quantity – now the sector is thrown open to the corporates. But, there must be independent regulation and quality control.

Thimmappa N, B'lre, Librarian
18 Dec 2010

Its good development and hope for some good research outcomes from India.

Prof. K.Kochunarayanan
17 Dec 2010

Very good Pronouncement. This will attract more students in the research senario.

Dr. I. Nageswara Rao
17 Dec 2010

I happy to enhance the fellowships, but what is the accountability of the public money. Goverment is doing well, but the progress of the research scholars should be monitored then only Universities/Institutions will fluorish.

16 Dec 2010

Please let me know the process to avail PH.D scholarship. I got the phD approval letter this year by Nagpur University which is wef 2008 due to some technical reasons. I am not getting proper guidance for scholarship. Thanking you.........

16 Dec 2010

The students of basic sciences faculties who qualify GATE may be exempted from the NET provided they opt for lecturer ship in AICTE recognized colleges.

Dr. Rakesh Soni
16 Dec 2010

Some of the institutions are not considering the MBA programe equivalent to M.Tech or professional degree,consiquent upon they are not enhancing their scholarshipas per the norms of MHRD,therefore you are requested to kindly clarify .

16 Dec 2010

The best mechanism to attract talent into research. When the best is getting placed through campus selections these days, what kind of talent are we attracting towards reserach programs. There should be a mechanism to assess the performance of the candidates making publications mandatory and a culture to be set on campuses to feel accountability for the public money.

16 Dec 2010

Please raise the Scholarship amount of JRF and SRF in UGC funded institutions also,after all immaterial of the stream research scholars are contributing equally to the country's development.

M Syam Sundar
16 Dec 2010

Thanks to the Govt for hiking the rates of the scholarships for in AICTE funded agencies. I request same to be followed and exrtended to the UGC funded institutes and agencies

Good news for research scholar!!
In that circular, nothing has been mentioned for those with Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences (MSc or equivalent)with valid GATE score but non NET qualified.

Are they eligible for Ph.D.? If yes, what will be the fellowship?

16 Dec 2010

Good news and attitude of the govt to attract talent into the R& D sector of the country

16 Dec 2010

A very good decission by Ministry of HRD.Request to kindly extend this facility to Environmental Sciences & Homeopathy (BHAMS) students,who are eliminated from such

15 Dec 2010

It is indeed a very positive step by Hon'ble Minister
of HRD towards promoting higher research. Thanks to Shri Kapil Sibbal !

Will somebody convey to MHRD that, it is just not sufficient ! There has to be a corresponding raise in the contingency grant to research scholars ( in hand )and real improvement in the facilities/ infrastructure at their place of work / labs etc.

Fellowship for M.Tech. should also be enhanced to
Rs. 12000 , to prepare the input for Ph.D. entry !

15 Dec 2010

I am really glad to know the hike in fellowship / scholarship amount given to the research scholars. However, I only wish such amounts are given in time. I remember the trouble I had in receiving the amounts during my Ph.D. days. There is no point issuing the sanction order without actually sending the money and thereby making the scholar to wait for months / years together. This is definitely a wonderful decision.

Dr Anita Yadav
15 Dec 2010

very good decision.What about stste universities and other UGC funded institutions? UGC must increase the amount of JRFs/project assistants in the research projects as the basic qualification for JRFs is postgraduate degree.

15 Dec 2010

At National Institute of Technology,Warangal we have implemented the revised scholarships and even we have paid the arrears to our scholars from April 2010.

Deputy Registrar (Acdemic)
NIT warangal

15 Dec 2010

thanks to the government of india and ministry of human resources for taking a wonderful decision

Mrs. Umadevi B Karigar
15 Dec 2010

Thanks for the Govt for revising the scholarship for the students its great!

15 Dec 2010

When will Research students of deemed universities are going to get a Scholarship at all?

Dr. S.K.Ghosh
15 Dec 2010

Good news for research scholar!!
In that circular, nothing has been mentioned for those with Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences (MSc or equivalent)with valid GATE score but non NET qualified.

Are they eligible for Ph.D.? If yes, what will be the fellowship?

Ravi sankar
15 Dec 2010

Great news for students in AICTE or centrally funded institutions. The same NET qualified students in state or UGC funded institutions should not be ignored.

15 Dec 2010

A welcome decision. It would be nice if the Government sanctions one or two fellowships to each eligible professor. The student after qualifying the central test approaches the professor for research admission. If admitted, his admission particulars are intimated to the Government for the release of the fellowship directly to the student.

Dr Lakshmi
15 Dec 2010

Very glad to see the news.
It will attract (not inspire or encourage)the students towards research. But how best students/ Guides are contributing to the quality of research in India.

Rajan Patel
15 Dec 2010

Defiantly the increase amount in fellowship ,enhanced the students towards research.

15 Dec 2010

My request is that the scholarship may be enhanced for students under Ph D programme irrespective of AICTE or centrally funded institution to attract more number of students in other universities/institutions.

Prof Dipali Banerjee
Dept of Physics
Bengal Engineering & Science university.Shibpur
Howrah 711103

Jasmina khanam
15 Dec 2010

I hope scholars will be benefitted and more number of meritorious students will come forward for higher study.

15 Dec 2010

My request is that the scholarship may be enhanced for projects funded by various government organisations at par with AICTE.

Prof Dipali Banerjee
Dept. of Physics
Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur
Howrah 711103

15 Dec 2010

It is really a good news for all the research scholars.It will encourage more number of students to pursue PhD programs.

Prof G Ranga Janardhana
JNTUK University College of Engineering
Vizianagaram (AP)

Anindita Kundu
15 Dec 2010

Is this applicable for DST-PURSE programme? Currently as SRF first year we are getting a lump some of 16100 pm

Prof. B. C. Mal
15 Dec 2010

The scholarship enhancement is a very good news. It may help more number of good candidates to enroll for Ph.D. Programs.

Prof. B. C. Mal
Vice Chancellor
Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

15 Dec 2010

when is this going to be implemented at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

15 Dec 2010

I request the government to extent the same facilities to all educational institutions after all all are into the process of generating knowledge.

15 Dec 2010

Is there any improvement for NON - SAP UGC fellowships ,presently the amount is Rs.10,000. please inform us.

Research scholar,

wajada ishrat
15 Dec 2010

i request govt to inhance non NET m.phil /p.hd fellowship in view of 6th pay commission.

15 Dec 2010

Thanks to the Govt for hiking the rates of the scholarships for in AICTE funded agencies. I request same to be followed and exrtended to the UGC funded institutes and agencies.