Faculty retention on top of HRD Ministry’s agenda

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The Human Resource Development Ministry is planning to establish Human Resource Planning and Management (HRPM) centres at the university level. The centres will assess teacher requirement and plan their professional growth through research and faculty development programmes such as seminars, training, workshops, incentive and award schemes. Such a unique initiative will not just attract best faculty in the country but will also retain them said a note from the ministry.

The move comes in order to achieve 21% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in higher education by the end of the 12th Plan period from the current 13.5%.

Raising the GER would entail an additional enrolment of over 26 million students in higher education which  would require almost 1 million professors by 2020. “Thus, a concerted strategy to retain best talents in universities for faculty positions and preparing secondary teachers needs to be formulated. It would also require changes in strategies relating to open learning and technology enabled learning,” said a ministry note.

Besides faculty development, the HRD meeting — which will happen at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati — will also discuss vocationalisation through short and medium-term training to achieve 50% enrolment in vocational education sector of higher education by 2020. This is so because even after achieving a GER of 30%, there would be 150 million or more youth who would require vocational education, the ministry says.

The officials will also discuss private sector participation and investment in the education sector. On the research and innovation front, the government may look at Sector Innovation Councils that would provide platforms for innovation right from school to higher education and would be developed along with at least 50 centres of innovation in different institutions of higher learning.

[Source: Financial Express]


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It is useless concepts called as GER. It is so faulty that present trend of degree awarding and selling concepts are ignored while seeing the ground reality. More than 50% students in UP,BIhar,MP and Maharastra getting BA,MA Degree without going to college for a single day. It is Copying and exam manipulation mechanism that ensures them degree. Based on similar pass out number our experts might of arrived such a ashtonishing number of teachers requirement.
Withour looking into ground relaity such measures are going to give faulty estimates which would be huge burden on any Govt or society. It is requested that first an in depth actual survey and action takne report be prepared on Degree awarded based on exam only or actual admission, class attended, sat in exam. Middleman type of system is much more predominant than actual system.
Thus in view it is more a academic estimation which is based on hypothetical anaysis without taking actual scenario in the mind. Perhaps it is is the job of education mafias to project such a huge teacher requirements and do a business in appointing teachers in Govt owned Universities and cilleges and make enormous money.
In my hardly we require 1.5 to 2 lakh teachers and remaining students would be adjusted through massive copying and exam only approach presently followed on most of the universities.

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Good faculty is need of the hour.The step to be taken by ministry of HRD is praiseworthy.

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