Emphasis on Agriculture Research necessary: UGC Chairman

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University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Ved Prakash has said that India needs to lay more emphasis on farm research programmes to help increase agricultural productivity.

"We need to put more efforts into our farm research programmes and come out with cutting edge technologies so as to bring a qualitative change in the life of our farmers," Prakash said at an Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) function.

During his inaugural address at the special meeting of agriculture university (AU) Vice Chancellors, Comptrollers of AU, Directors (research) and other farm research officials, the UGC Chairman stressed upon the need to push education as a strategy for poverty alleviation.

"We have not been able to educate our farmers about the latest technology," he added.

Prakash assured that "UGC will provide all possible assistance to ICAR in its efforts to foster quality research in the farm sector".

S P Patil Chairman of the working group on agriculture for the 12th five year plan said that the group is reviewing the higher education system of agriculture in the country and would accordingly suggest proposals for strengthening the viability of State Agriculture Universities.

ICAR Director General S Ayyappan said that the curriculum of agriculture studies in the colleges needs to be updated and has to be brought at par with the latest curricula around the world.

"We are in the process of formulating a policy for higher education in agriculture so that our students are aware of the latest developments and are prepared to undertake research with more ease," Ayyappan added.

UGC is the central agency providing funds to educational institution and is involved in coordination, determination and maintenance of standards in institutions of higher education.

[Source: Economic Times]


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It means till date Emphasis on Agriculture Research was NOT necessary.

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Sir, let us first ensure that the tens of thousands of Phds write a respectable trouble free 2 page essay on Cow...many just will falter...& many as you will say I did not do it...anyway let us continue for the sake of development !

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Agriculture should be given it due in the economy. More and more funds needed to be put to agricultural research and upgradation of technology. No doubt there is a need for second green revolution in the country. I agree with professor Ved Prakash's view on the topic.

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For an agararian economy like India, it is extremely important to focus on research and development in the field of agriculture. I fully agree with Mr. Prakash's views.

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We have identified the problem 10 years ago. Our M.Tech students about hundred in number interacted with the Agricultural Scientists in a span of 5 years and developed models of Expert advisory systems in Agriculture. Consolidating this work we have launched a web portal namely www.indiakisan.net in the internet in 3 rd June 2005 at Thirupathi. Dr. Mangalrai, the then D.G. of ICAR was the chief guest for the function. The features of this important portal was also presented in a brain storming meeting held at Delhi by CSIR. I strongly feel that a comprehensive programme may be sorted out by UGC with colloboration of Ministry of ICT, RUral Development, Agriculture, Health and Animal Health. In this aspect I have a proposal. Kindly give some appointment to personally submit to you.

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