Educomp bags ICT@Schools Project from Maharashtra Govt

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The Government of Maharashtra has roped in Educomp for implementation of Phase-two of ICT@Schools Project in two regions namely Nasik and Latur totalling 540 Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. The total worth of the order is Rs. 67.93 crores.

Educomp has been working with 10 state governments under its ICT division Edureach across India and with addition of 540 Maharashtra government run schools the total number of schools where its programmes are running has increased to 11,090.

Educomp Edureach has received the LOI (Letter Of Intent) from the Director Education (Secondary & Higher Secondary Education) of Government of Maharashtra.

Soumya Kanti, President, Edureach said, “At Edureach, we use technology innovatively to spread education across socio-economic strata and across geographical boundaries. We are pleased that around 2.7 Lakhs students across these 540 schools in Maharashtra will now have access to computers and computer-aided learning which will bring their learning on par with many of their more privileged city counterparts.”

The project will be implemented in Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) Model for a period of five years including supply and maintenance of Computer Hardware, Software and Lab Accessories with provision for computer faculty in each school. Edureach will also provide training to school teachers every year, provision of computer educational services including deploying & running school management software, multimedia educational software as per-state board curriculum and will also provide computer education.

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Congrats! We must increase use of technology in teaching to minimize ill effects of a bad teacher

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Educomp Bags this project but still the teaching faculty not paid by them and every time they said that you will recive your salary this week and now it is more than 6 month period over and still we not got the salries... Strange

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