Drastic drop in applications to AICTE for new institutes

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There has been a drastic fall in the applications received
by the country’s technical education regulator All India Council for Technical
Education (AICTE). The body has just received 400 applications nationwide for
new institutes in 2012 in disciplines like engineering, technology, management,
applied art, architecture, hotel management and computer application. The
number was 1,067 in 2011 and 2,176 in 2010.

“Over the last few years, the number of applications to
start new technical institutes across various disciplines has dropped
considerably. A few had requested that we extend the deadline for submitting
proposals to start new institutes for the coming academic year, so we have
extended the deadline till January 15. Even then, we do not expect the final
number to go up much. There may be a minor increase of 20-30,” said S S Mantha,
acting chairman of AICTE. The original deadline was December 31, 2011.

Mantha said that the current global slowdown could be a
reason for decrease in the number of applications.

“The market is
uncertain at the moment. People are playing it safe and adopting a
wait-and-watch policy. In fact, barring the top few, most management institutes
in the US have vacancies and some even to the tune of 50 per cent,” he said.

Stating that lag in certain fields could be another reason,
Mantha points out, “Several new institutes which are offering technical
education have not been able to fill up all their seats. Among new engineering
institutes, most of the vacancies are in rural areas and many are in specific
branches which are not perceived to be as lucrative in terms of employment
opportunities as others. Another reason could be poor quality of education
offered by a particular institute.”

[Source: Indian Express]



Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

AICTE/Government is not doing enough to control unapproved colleges like IIPM, ICFAI etc. IIPM is an MBA factory wherein they admits aprox 2000 students just in Delhi. Without any UGC/AICTE approval IIPM is fooling students and students are to be blamed too.

I think criminal charges should be slapped against IIPM owner.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

its good news. at last good sense prevailed. i hope people will think about developing other fields in stead of only Engineering and Management. frankly speaking facilities in most of the institutions are par below standards.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

1. The privatization of technical education gave birth to the aspiration for higher education to one and all, deserving or otherwise. The illusion created by this privatization had to vanish sooner or later.
2. An individual desirous of higher education specially engineering, is required to have the right attitude & aptitude and must have very – very clear understanding of basics and fundamental of science and mathematics. The emphasis therefore is required on good school education; on the contrary, school education across the board is emphasizing on obtaining percentages rather than in depth knowledge of the subject. This is then followed by crash courses and tutorial classes, a quick fix methodology.
3. A large number of so called engineers produced by most of the engineering colleges today are really not engineers but individuals with engineering degrees. These individuals after four long years and having spent heard earned money of their parents do not get what they think they should get or what they had aspired for. As a result the students and the parents are now coming out of this disillusion of higher technical education.
Action Plan
(a) Improve the quality of school education. Revise the syllabus; teach the students basics and fundamentals of the basic subjects.
(b) Make teaching lucrative to attract the best available. Improve the quality of available teachers in schools and colleges through faculty development programs followed by very thorough and transparent assessment.
(c) Admission to higher education must be based on merit of the centrally conducted competitive exams and admission be denied to those below the cut off. This may create problem for the environment for a short period but soon the message will reach the right quarters and people start working in the right direction.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Well said Guptaji. Very true. Typical of any market driven phenomena, these education institutes are also facing the heat. Next development would be closing down of institution with poor infrastructure, both materialistic and intellectual. Institutes producing people with engineering degree would vanish and those produce engineers will sustain. This is a wake up call for them, improve or perish.

Submitted by L.R.Rana on

This is good that people have understood the game....... Anyway AICTE may think other options to run the shop......

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Not at all surprising. The reasons may be different from what have been stated. There is overcapacity in poor quality institutions and a capacity shortage in really good ones.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The number of applications for new institutions have been drastically reduced for last three years due to charging high processing fees and unreasonable conditions stipulated by AICTE during this period on the plea of improving technical education standard. Why this is being insisted only for private institutions. Let AICTE go and inspect the Govt. run Engg. colleges in any state ( including infrastructure facilities - toilets for handicapped ) and take action to reduce the seats or cancel the course, as is done by Medical council of India. AICTE is not bothered about Govt. run or University run colleges. They are exempted from payment of any type of fees to AICTE, where as private Institutions are forced to pay fees every year for EOA, for nothing. AICTE sends only a paper every year for EOA of the courses without extending any type of help to private colleges. They do only sqeezing and collect money, for which Central Govt. is also supporting, because its a revenue generating unit.
Shame on AICTE to talk on reduction in applicants.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The problems are in the norms of AICTE still there are many parts of India where you dont have a single Techniocal college specially in rural areas. AICTE should think of that and should change the norms for establishing new colleges in such areas. so that even the poor students from these rural areas can afford the education.
because its not just the fees but the expenses of hostels and mess in these cities are much higher then fees. so the students from poor background dont go to these colleges. if these colleges are opened in rural areas even they can fill their seats but for that AICTE should think on their norms.

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