Delhi govt freezes faculty appointment in DU colleges, teachers start protest
29 Nov 2013

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has protested against the alleged anti-teacher move of the Delhi Government to freeze new appointments in the twelve Delhi Government-funded colleges of the University of Delhi (DU).

According to DUTA, while the long-standing vacancies in these colleges have been approved and the University community is waiting eagerly for the appointments process to begin, the State Higher Education Department has lately come out with a notification banning all appointments for the time-being.

The DUTA has questioned the basis of this notification and the moral right of a government facing elections to take such a major policy decision.

“It is clear that the Congress Government in Delhi is acting in tandem with the Congress-led Central Government’s anti-people policies in Higher Education to bring about the quick destruction of public-funded universities like DU,” DUTA said.

The association has said that DUTA has been continuously underlining the fact that the abnormally large number of teaching vacancies in the University has created a severe crisis in the stability of teaching-learning and has contributed to the steady erosion of the University’s academic credibility.

“During the last couple of years, it has appealed to authorities at various agencies of the state and central governments to ensure that the process is not subjected to any further delay. In this context, the Delhi Government’s decision to deprive these twelve colleges of the teachers they so urgently require amounts to an arrogant refusal to meet the public needs in education. The DUTA urges the Delhi Government to immediately withdraw this retrograde notification, failing which it will launch intense agitations and a public campaign against the outgoing government,” DUTA added.


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Professor Venkata Raghotham
02 Dec 2013

The freeze makes no sense. The University has just introduced the 4 year UG programme and how will that programme be conducted if there is a freeze on hiring teachers.