Bureaucracy is stonewalling research: CNR Rao

Create: 12/13/2011 - 17:10

Eminent scientist and educator Professor CNR Rao has accused Indian bureaucracy for stonewalling efforts to make research in central institutions attractive. Blaming the IAS officers for being negligent in clearing proposals to pay higher salaries and incentives for scientists, Rao said that these officers do not want scientists to earn more than them.

“If we want to recruit a talented young researcher and pay him a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month, we cannot do that. Bureaucracy has increased everywhere and it has turned out to be the biggest bottleneck for development or research. Appointment and promotion of faculty has been hit in many universities (due to this). In central institutions nearly 50 to 60 per cent of the faculty/research positions are vacant mainly because clearance has not come from the Ministries concerned,” he said.

Rao, who was in Tamil Nadu to inaugurate an International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM - 2011), said “But private institutions like PSG College of Technology do not have such kind of restriction and should start working on various research activities and produce results, as in the case of many foreign countries.” 

Expressing concern on the fact that very few Indian institutions figured among the Top 100 world institutions Rao noted, “We only have few experts in every field. If they go, we would be helpless. We are running short of talented youth who pursue research. We should create a large manpower capable of doing high capacity research. The contribution of US and China towards Science is 17 per cent and 13.5 per cent respectively, whereas in India it is just 2-3 per cent.”

[Source: IBNLive]


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