BRABU VC awaits Chancellor’s decision on his appointment
10 Dec 2012

Out of the six vice-chancellor appointments cancelled by Patna high court recently, Prof Vimal Kumar has been appointed as , BR Ambedkar Bihar University (BRABU) VC. The professor is now awaiting an order from the Chancellor of universities of Bihar, Devanand Konwar, regarding his removal or continuance on his post.

"The Chancellor can do anything as it is in his jurisdiction to take a decision over the university," he said. When asked if he was going to the Supreme Court to challenge the verdict of Patna high court, he made it clear that this was not an individual case. A group of 10 persons including 6 VCs and 4 pro-VCs of Bihar is involved in it. All of them have to take a united decision and that too after the receipt of an order from the Chancellor,” Kumar said.

Giving a similar reaction, registrar of the university, AP Mishra, said as long as the Chancellor does not remove Vimal Kumar from his post, Kumar will continue to be the VC of BRABU. He brushed aside any uncertainty in the university on account of the high court decision, reported Times of India.

Meanwhile, sources in legal profession said chances of the restoration of Vimal Kumar as VC is very bleak as, even if he goes to the apex court, two instances of the court disallowing the continuance of VCs previously under similar conditions might come in the way of his restoration.


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