Anil Kakodkar to review 30 NIT’s functioning

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Former Atomic Energy Commission’s chief Anil Kakodkar has been handed over the task to review the functioning of National Institutes of Technology. The decision was taken in a recently held meeting of NIT Council under the Chairmanship of HRD Minister Kapil Sibal. Earlier Kakodkar has reviewed the functioning of IITs and suggested various reforms to improve the system.

Sibal suggested that a thorough review of 30 NITs should be done as the NIT system is going to complete a decade of its existence. It was also decided in the meeting that foreign students can now take admission in NITs through AIEEE on-line examination.

Two committees were set up to look into the implementation of centralized PG admissions on the pattern of UG admissions and to provide merit scholarship to deserving UG students.

Stressing on the need of greater interaction between Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and NITs, Sibal said Directors and Chairpersons of such institutions should network and must meet once a year to discuss larger issues connected with technical education and research.

The Council also reviewed admission policy for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In particular, foreign student admission through DASA and centralized M.Tech admission were considered.  Sibal said the government wanted a single national level examination test for admission to all engineering institutions. The Ramasamy Committee would be submitting its report by September 2011 on this subject.

The reports of various committees set up by the Council earlier were considered and approved for implementation.

Sibal re-affirmed the support of the ministry to the NIT system in general and to ten new NITs in particular for the development of infrastructure and recruitment of faculty and staff.


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I think Mr. Kakodkar's expertise will help the NIT's to become centre of excellence. I just hope the committee doesn't take years to complete its report.

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It is a very welcome move. Many passed out Ph.D. students from IITs should find place as NIT faculty. In India as per the present scene most of the Ph.D. degree holders from the IITs go to the teaching institutions spread across the country and some to NITs. They can draw from their experience of staying in IITs. If they go to NITs, they can help in launching better courses, engage in sponsored research project and keep the syllabus up to date. Additionally, I think it may be very motivating if the promotion policy is kept above board and well publicised. For example a lecturer joining today must know very clearly that if he publishes x no of papers, does y no of projects, teaches z no. of courses etc, will definitely be promoted to next position in a fixed no of years. And similar requirements for moving further up the scale should be well known to all concerned. This will create a very healthy atmosphere and lot of heart burning that is known today will disappear to the advantage of the individual and the institution.

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Though late, it is a good initiative to review the NITs status: Past (in RECs), Present & Future. Only the good salary package will not improve the situation. Boldly, we should narrate our weaknesses & brightsites. Many of the courses were started after getting the NIT status haphazardly because no one was saying before us (so called autonomy!!). It may be the UG/PG/Ph.D.programmes.
The situation of PG programmes in technology branches are most of the cases miserable. Even some of the UG programmes have not been well established, in the same discipline (s), there is no faculty or only one faculty in some specialization, PG programes were started to get the cheap popularity or make the institute world class (???). The situation of Ph.D.programmes in many of the cases are so disgusting. Many of the NITs are running with a Registrar of very low profile (even the below rank of a clerck!!!) person intentionally by the group of persons who are indirectly governing the institute. And so many unwanted things are going on by the name sake of academics. Only the changing the status does not mean that we are providing the centre of excellence. .......My all good wishes to Dr.Kakodar that he will find out some solutions for the best of NITs.

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Vow! Agreat move by our beloved Sibbal Ji. Again same sarkari Scientist is given a job to pass his retiremnt time with some task at hand and that way to spread his psuedo intellectual reach. His report on IIts is hated like anything and it was a great garbage document and I am sure his report on NITs are to be even unfit for bigger dustbins. Such kind of Sarkari Bagyanik who did nothing to attract talents in BARC and left it on the mercy of fuel supplied by US is now heavily inclined to spoil our academic bodies.
Kindly councel him to draft a short and effective report not one like a bulky one and he should not be allowed to visit China or korea but permit him to visit Nepal or Bangladesh that too through land route.

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