Allahabad University fails to get NAAC grading

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Allahabad University has failed to get National Assessment
and Accreditation Council (NAAC) grading. The grading is done on various
parameters like infrastructure, Teacher Taught Ratio (TTR), amenities for
students etc and gives a specific rating to the institution concerned. The
ranking given as grade is for a period of five years.

AU received B++ grade in December 2003 and it expired in
December 2008. The university should have got itself inspected before expiry of
the time limit given by NAAC, but the authorities failed to do so within
stipulated time.

The university authorities constituted a four-member
committee, chaired by the dean, arts, Prof NR Farooqui, which was entrust the
responsibility of preparing a report to be sent to NAAC with a formal request
to inspect and give grading. The other members of the committee were Avinash
Chandra Pandey, head, department of atmospheric and ocean sciences, JN Bhargava
and HC Mukerjee.

Most of the departments finished the work and submitted the
reports. As many as 10 departments failed to submit the report. As a result,
the university administration, which was determined to send the report to NAAC
by February 10, 2011, failed to keep its own schedule.

These departments have still not provided details of
achievements, researches and future plans that the university has to submit to
NAAC while applying for reaccreditation.

"Getting the NAAC grading does help the institution get
better stuff as the present day youth are quite aware and when they surf the
net in finding the best institution for themselves, NAAC grading is one thing
that gives the institution an edge over others," said a faculty member.

[Source: Times of India]


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AU has simply shown its 'we-don't-give-a-damn' attitude to NAAC grading which is hardly of any consequence to an old university

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I am a regular reader of Indian Education Review and highly appreciate its role in the field of Education.
This particular news item's Heading conveys that the Allahabad University failed to get the Grade from NAAC which is not true as they have not submitted the report as yet for the process. The heading should convey the matter in news item.

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