100 community colleges to be set up proposes HRD Ministry
20 Feb 2012

The Human Resource Development ministry has proposed to set up 100 community colleges on a pilot basis in the 12th Five Year Plan. The alternative system of education is targeted towards the disadvantaged section of society which will offer job-oriented courses to students.

“With the continuing demand-supply mismatch, where some colleges have cut-offs as high as 100 per cent, it is imperative to ensure a seat for a local student seeking higher education in a college or institution in the district in which he or she resides. It is expected that around one lakh additional students can get access through first 100 community colleges proposed to be set up on pilot basis and the number would rise as implementation progresses. This will also ensure an increase in effective gross enrolment ratio (GER),” said a HRD Ministry official. 

According to the proposal, community colleges will offer two-year programme on various disciplines which will have employment potentials, especially in industries. After completion of courses, students will be awarded ‘associate degrees’. 

“Community colleges may have a few or many disciplines based on the needs and employment potential,” the Ministry official added. 

The Ministry has proposed to identify 80 colleges under the University Grants Commission (UGC) and 20 polytechnics under the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to set up 100 community colleges. 

“Some incentives from the government could be provided to the institutions acting as community colleges in shifts when normal colleges do not utilise their infrastructure including laboratories or classrooms). These could be mandatorily accredited by the accrediting agencies on satisfaction of set norms and with mandatory disclosures,” another HRD Ministry official said.

[Source: Deccan Herald]


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30 Apr 2013

Respected sir's, Please kindly guide us , aswe wish to start MHRD recognized medical courses of Complementary Alternate medical courses affiliated by govt of India, recognized by UGC / AICTE & MCI at south east India in Kerala or Tamil Nadu . as we heard that 100 community colleges are to be started soon.So If you are helping our organization to start community colleges ,please inform us how the proccedures to start a community college in our area for the welfare of national minority muslims & other minority classes earliest.

chandana savjibhai kalubhai
29 Mar 2012

i m interested in study proposal a new community college pls give me guidence

Sr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura
22 Mar 2012

Ours is an Institute conducting courses on MSW & MSc Counselling Psychology. Can we register as a Community College under HRD Ministry? What is the procedures?

Jagannath Nath
29 Feb 2012

Thanks to UGC, MHRD, AICTE and ofcourse to GOI to take such decision.
Community colleges will help the local youth to become self dependent and the crisis of skilled man power in near by industry will definitely improve. As we see most of the industries are in rural india, so it will help rural youth to get job and where migration of people from villages to cities will reduce which will be a good sign for the metros & cities.

Prof. Mukund Hambarde
25 Feb 2012

Community College is a very good concept where by students learn and not just taught.

Dr Sunny Thomas
24 Feb 2012

The Idea is an excellent one. Good inititative by HRD ministry. We at ILSASS have already started working in this direction under the able direction of Dr C L Patel, Chairman, Chrutar Vidy Mandal, Vallabh Vidyanagar, situtated in Anand district of Gujarat.

24 Feb 2012

It is the excellent work done by the UGC , It should be needed more than 10 years before but der ayad , durast ayad funda will applicable here. I have some suggestion regarding this
The Community college may be opened purely in the Rural INDIA, before opening of these courses , a through survey is must regarding the demand of the public/ Industry of near by area.
We are appraise the work of UGC & HRD & GOI and offering ourself to run a Community colleg in Our Polytechnic i.e Chaudhary Matu Ram ARYA Govt Polytechnic SANGHI in Distt Rohtak Haryana Which is surrounded& back up by more than 30 villages of the District Rohtak

24 Feb 2012

Like Ignou community colleges , it will actually benefit the society by fulfilling the demand of the society, but a major flaw in it that The Associate degree may also approved by major university of INDIA,The syllabus may be common for all as per common industry need based, because if it will not done than The Associate degree will became a simple paper, & public will became reluctant to these courses.

Prof. B. C. Mal
23 Feb 2012

The idea to set up 100 community colleges on a pilot basis in the 12th Five Year Plan is a novel idea. This system of education is targetted towards the disadvantaged section of society and will offer job-oriented courses to students.

I have a suggestion for such a disadvantaged area. Salboni of Paschim Medinipore district of West Bengal is such an area. Nowadays the area falls under "JANGALMAHAL" area of West Bengal. It is inhabited by tribals and other backward communities. There is also naxalite problem. Jindal is going to set up the country's largest private steel industry at Salboni. A large number of trained manpower is needed to run the industry. Young people are available but they are not trained to meet the job requirements. Therefore, I strongly suggest that such a community college be set up at Salboni to train the local youth. It will not only be helpful to supply the needed manpower but will also help in the development of the JANGALMAHAL area.

Prof. B. C. Mal
Vice Chancellor
Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

23 Feb 2012

really this is encourages to set up the100 community colleges.but it is also essential where to setup? setup of community college really need in rural area. it is also essential to provide a funds to the community colleges.HRD MINISTRY must think funding for the exsisting community colleges in India towards the developments in infrastructure as well as for the other activities.

Dr.Udaya Kiran Chavan
22 Feb 2012

The Objective, type and period of courses being planned to conduct in Community Colleges may be displayed soon for the information of public.

Dr. M. Gokuldas
22 Feb 2012

The move of the MHRD to initiate the establishment of community colleges/institutes is most welcome. This will create opportunity to many students who happened to be just outside the selection cut off mark and who sometimes may be better students than those who got in. This will definitely serve the rural poor students to acquire degrees/diplomas or any other "associate" titles. Good if the courses offered are different from the conventional courses and are courses in areas of local demand. Congrats and wishes to the MHRD minister !!

Prof. Dr. James Thomas
21 Feb 2012

There is a need to encourage Research especially in Medical Universities and deemed Universities with large Medical Colleges, which is seen as meagre
The government funds could also be available for research projects, conference support especially which benefits students and staff directly.

Prof. Dr. James Thomas
Vice Chancellor & Prof. Cardiac Surgery
Dr. D. Y. Patil University

Alpana Vaidya
21 Feb 2012

This is a good move. Govt. should also consider giving human touch by introducing humanities course.

Boston College, Dhule ( Maharashtra 0
21 Feb 2012

This is nice step to provide vocational educational to uplift the situation, but already govt has implemented lot of schemes. It has to review its schemes & offer best to organisation who are doing best. Govt should invite industry rather to get associate with polytecnics or ugc colleges to impart programs through the trainers and faculties who have best skills in training. The important reason for drop out is faculties are not trained to create the topic interesting.

Also, HRD Should work on strengthing distance education by imparting more scholarship to those who learn from this type of system. Distance education will really create new realm of possiblity in this area.

Most important is that Govt shoud also consider those good franchisees in India operating under banner of various brands to promote their schemes with good quality...see how miracles happen...