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“Round Table India – P&G Shiksha” opens school in Purkhas, Sonepat
13 Aug 2012

Honourable Speaker of Haryana Assembly Kuldeep Sharma and Education Minister of Haryana Geeta Bhukkal, inaugurated the Round Table India – P&G Shiksha School Block at Gita Vidya Mandir built at Purkhas Village in Sonepat district of Haryana. In its first phase, the school has 5 classrooms, 1 Library-cum-computer lab, 1 Activity room with full sports facilities, 1 principal and staff room, a playground, 2 toilet blocks each for the male and female child, a filtration plant for providing bacteria-free drinking water and hosts of other facilities. The school is located in an underprivileged area but sports the best of facilities to rival any urban school. 

With a motive of providing education to millions of students and taking a stand against illiteracy, Round Table India had embarked on a mission “FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION” in 1998 which aimed at building infrastructure for underprivileged schools in the rural and remote areas of the country.  In this endeavor Round Table India has partnered with P&G; Infinity Group; The Federal Bank Ltd; Institutional donors; and various State Governments.

Since the inception of “Freedom through Education” campaign, Round Table India over the last decade has constructed more than 4200 classrooms in 1630 schools.

Vineet Parekh, National President, Round Table India said, “Illiteracy is a major problem in India. According to a report by World Literacy Foundation, illiteracy has been costing the Indian Economy around $53 billion a year, there is income imbalance to the tune of 30 – 42% between a literate & illiterate person. We have always been passionate about eradicating illiteracy from the nation.  We are excited that our ‘Freedom through Education’ campaign is taking a huge step impacting number of children around the nation. We would also thank all the donors who have participated and funded this initiative.”


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