Jamia Millia Islamia introduces online system to track movement of files
05 Jul 2010

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi has started tracking the movement of files in the university online. According to the university, the software for this online Files Tracking System (FTS) has been developed by its FTK-Centre for Information Technology (CIT) as a part of its e-Governance initiative.


To ensure smooth implementation of the utility across the university, various training programmes have been conducted by FTK-CIT for users in different offices of the university. FTS has generated a number of reports on the basis of which one can track the files and as to what action has been taken.

“The objective of this online files tracking software is to bring efficiency and transparency in the system. The process will ease in tracking files as hundreds of files move from one office to another daily,” Zahid Husain Khan, Director at FTK-Centre for Information Technology, has said.

According to Zahid Husain Khan, “Files may be of any kind. There is no restriction on the nature of files. Simply, the office has to make certain entries while sending the papers to another office or section.”

The service will initially be implemented in the registrar’s and the vice-chancellor’s offices as a large number of files move from these two offices to another. In the next phase it will be implemented in various faculties and departments, and finally will cover each and every sections of the university.

FTS through intranet will enable the authorized users to track their respective papers or files as they move through the administrative hierarchies. This will bring transparency and efficiency in the university system and it will also clear the bottlenecks in the file movement.


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